Like a virgin

Check me out all white and virginal looking, how sweet! (and deceiving) ;) ;) ;)


If I were to ever get married (which will most likely not happen because I would rather buy a boat or an island or something equally as unnecessary as a huge wedding but never say never right and wow what a major run on sentence)…ANYWAY my original point was that if I were to ever get married, I definitely would not wear white. I would probably wear one of those ridiculous gypsy wedding dresses, something like this monstrosity. Love it.

gypsy dress

Make sure you guys tune in to Wednesday’s show for an announcement from moi, xo

Rip off

I love old Playboys from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I find that the photography style back then was way more creative than today’s (no offense Playboy), they just don’t make ‘em like they used to! I also love re-creating vintage pin ups from artists like Vargas and Elvgren. Those guys knew what seduction was!

Anyway, here’s my version of a 1975 Playboy cover, shot by the awesome Shawn McPherson

bum rip

and here is the original

playboy cover

Hope you like mine better! :D

If any of you guys have some old Playboys lying around, send me screenshots of some cool poses and I may do some more re-creations! ;)

Don’t forget you can always see ALL of me on the program with nothing to hide aka NAKED NEWS! xoxo


I can see clearly now!

So I went to optometrist about a week ago and long story short, I had to get glasses AND contact lenses. I don’t know if you guys know this, but I am actually blind in my left eye. I have amblyopia, which is basically just a fancy term for lazy eye. I’ve had it since I was a kid. Anyway, because my vision in my right eye was getting blurry, I was concerned because I can’t very well do the news for you guys in braille! ;)

So I will now be wearing glasses (sometimes) and one contact. Don’t I look smart? :) :) :)

naughty glasses nip slip

BRB gotta go do some calculus!

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Happy St Patrick’s Day! xoxoxo

Grand Opening

(for reals this time)

I finally figured it out and my store is now up and running!!

An Eila Adams pic is a great gift for any occasion, and suits all decors.

My pics are available in many sizes, including life-size! Wouldn’t that be fun ;)

Enjoy Me!! :) :) :)


Today is a holiday so I’m just chilling in bed, reading (au natural of course) because it is absolutely freezing outside.

au natural

I’m currently reading “How to be Parisian Where Ever You Are” by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas. Short funny stories written by Parisienne women, I like it.

How did you guys enjoy my latest Flex? In case you missed it, check the February 15 archives. I brought Kat, Isabella, Angie and Natasha to the nude beach for some yoga.

For those of you did watch: How funny were those people who were walking by in the background who didn’t even glance at us? How could you not even LOOK at five naked girls doing yoga? I guess they weren’t impressed ;)



I’m baaaaaack, I survived a month in Thailand! It definitely was not as scary as I expected. Backpacking wasn’t as difficult as I imagined either! While I was traveling I felt brave. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a lot more than I normally would have because why not? It was fun! And now I feel like I can do almost anything. I can’t wait until my next trip!!

I would like to thank the two nudist resorts that I visited again because of their amazing hospitality. Thank you to the Oriental Village Resort in Chiang Mai. Not only is the resort gorgeous but the service is incredible! And so fast! I don’t know how they do it. Thanks Paulo! And another big thank you to the Chan Resort in Pattaya. Great location, comfy rooms, and such friendly service (love you Ja). Thailand’s naturist community is growing fast and I am so glad I was able to visit two awesome resorts and meet some nice people. Nudists are the best! ;)

Here are a few more pics from my trip that I have’t posted on Twitter!

koh lanta



That last pic was me dancing on a bar in Patong Beach, Phuket. I think she was a lady boy, it was always so hard to tell! Anyway, I’m glad to be back at Naked News, I missed you guys and I know you missed me too! :D xoxoxo

Eat, Drink, and be Merry

I just wanted to wish everyone a very HAPPY HOLIDAY before I leave for Thailand on Saturday. Although I won’t be updating my blog while I’m away, I will post photos on Twitter (let’s hope for a topless elephant ride pic ;) ) so make sure you’re following me. Anyway, I’ll be back before you know it in 2015 so try not to miss me too much! :D

Don’t forget to watch the Naked News Holiday episode, it’s a goodie. ;)

love you guys!


santa baby


hey gang! This month I’m featured in FGM Magazine.

Here’s a 50% OFF coupon for you guys if you want to check it out: 9DHXBA3EEIL1

Go here to enjoy some sexiness:

Here’s another pic from that same shoot. A huge thank you to photographer Mark Wong, makeup artist Cassia Crawl and Dea Swimwear for providing the bikinis!

mark wong is where to go to catch me before I leave for Thailand! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D