it’s Tuesday night, how’s everybody doing out there? Did you all watch today’s show? :)

*SPOILER ALERT* here are some hints as to what you can expect to see on Naked News coming soon: lemony fresh and sky high. Feel free to guess, and I may or may not reveal more! ;)

here’s a sexy teaser pic of moi! ;) xoxoxo



Jamaican me crazy!

hey naked news-ers! it’s me Eila Adams, finally! My blog was undergoing some maintenance but I’m here now!

Okay, I knoooow what everyone wants to know about – our recent trip to Hedonism II, with! In case you live under a rock and you didn’t hear, Melissa, Vic, and I recently took a trip down to Negril, Jamaica to check out the famous resort. It was so much FUN. I definitely recommend traveling with because they BRING the party! and I also highly recommend everyone taking a trip to Hedo at least once! It’s like no other place you will ever go to. (Flights to Jamaica are pretty cheap right now, just sayin’ ;))

We shot about 14 segments in five days so there wasn’t much time for sun tanning. It was a lot of work but work that I liked! We shot some Flex Appeals, an amazing Cooking in the Raw, and our first ever Drinking in the Raw (that was a messy one ;) ). The first segment will be airing next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

here are a few behind the scenes pics for your viewing pleasure! :)

see through pink!

see through pink!

naughty nurse night looking naughty

naughty nurse night looking naughty

anchors away!

anchors away!

sitting down to eat after hours of cooking by yours truly ;)

sitting down to eat after hours of cooking by yours truly ;)

some naked yoga for ya!

some naked yoga for ya!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! I’m off to the cottage this weekend, for the Canada Day holiday! yay! :) :) :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wine Time

although it’s only Monday, I’m already looking forward to the long weekend this weekend! I’m going to Niagara Falls for some wine tasting tours and gambling. Has anyone done any Niagara wine tours before? If so, any recommendations? I’ve never been to any Niagara region wineries! However I have been to a few wineries in Napa Valley and really enjoyed it. I’m totally not a wine connoisseur – red or white – I am not picky! (No spitting for me either). What I really want to do is make my own wine and crush grapes with my feet! ;)

Here’s a sexy pic from a photoshoot I did last weekend, with one of my fav photographers Ward. We always create sexiness together as you can see! ;)



Hope you like! (my apologies for the censorship, those are the rules! To see the whole package visit of course)


Sun Fun

hey everyone! I just got back from my trip yesterday and I’m feeling fresh and relaxed. I think I brought some sunshine home with me, because it’s way warmer in Toronto than when I left last week! Jamaica was amazing, I loved it! I loved the culture, and the food especially (jerk chicken)!! Everything tasted so good, even the airport food! My new favorite beer is Red Stripe. Some girls at one of the clubs were calling me “Janadian”, because of my booty-shakin’ dancing. ;) I’m still working on my Jamaican accent. All in all a super fun trip! Enjoy a few pics below.

paulette the bartender

topless lobster
(you can check out this pic, uncensored, on twitter @eilaadams ;))

boat life

I’m just hanging out at the NN studios now, waiting to shoot my last segment of the day today. Later this week we’ll be shooting a wild new Versus. I’ll need my cowboy boots for this one…can you guess what we’re doing? :) :) :)

spring break!

so it’s settled, a week from today I’ll be in glorious Jamaica, I’m so excited! :) :) :) I need a break from all the cold and winter blah-ness and the trip was so cheap, I just couldn’t pass up a sale. I’ve been to Jamaica twice before, but only on day trips from cruises. This will be my first time staying there for an entire week! Let me know if anyone of you have been to Jamaica and what are musts for me to do and see while I’m there.

here’s a pic to brighten up you day! (isn’t the lighting gorgeous?) ;)


Believe it or not, this shot was actually taken in a church! (while no one was there of course)

Make sure to tune in to this Sunday’s Naked News Magazine for another porn star interview! I’ll give you a hint as to who it might be, two words: BIG BOOTY ;)


who doesn’t love Marilyn Monroe? I’ve read her biographies, I LOVE her movies, and this past weekend I got the chance to look like her! Hair and makeup took over an hour but the results were gorgeous, her signature mole included.

Check out one pic below, more coming soon :)
marilyn recreation

Here’s the original Marilyn photo I was trying to re-create
Marilyn Monroe

Not bad, right? ;)

Anyway, Sunday’s show featured my Schmooze interview with adult star Asa Akira. I thought it turned out great! Let me know what you guys thought. In case you missed it, check it out in the February 16 archives :) :) :)

Be my Valentine

February 14th is only a few days away, I hope all of you have something special planned for your special someone. I’ll be celebrating Galentine’s Day as well as Valentine’s Day this year (Parks and Recreation fans out there?) Galentine’s Day is just a day us gals get together to celebrate friendships and cuteness!

Here’s a Sochi Olympics inspired valentine:

Also here’s a fun pic of me from a recent photoshoot, unedited, I just threw on a filter! ;)



On another note, something to look forward to on Sunday’s show is the first look at our trip to Vegas! I can’t wait to see it either, so make sure to tune in! :) :) :)


what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

hey Naked Newsers! It’s been a week since Whitney and I got back from our trip to Vegas! I was feeling a little under the weather, but I’m all better now and ready to tell you about our trip!

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, and it was awesome, such a fun hotel. That weekend, anyone staying at the Hard Rock got (along with their room key card) a free trial membership card for Naked News!

First things first: The AEE, The Adult Entertainment Expo. What a crazy busy tradeshow. Our Mr Skin/Naked News booth was huge! I probably posed for about a million photos and signed a million autographs. My cheeks still hurt from smiling ;) . Again, I want to thank all the fans for coming out, it was so great meeting you guys! :)

But don’t worry, it wasn’t all work and no play for us! We went out for lots of yummy dinners, (highly recommend Pink Taco), and we went to lots of crazy clubs! :)

Now the AVN award show! The red carpet was such a blast, I got to meet almost all of the adult stars! That segment will be airing soon, so make sure you watch out for it. The award show itself was great, a lot of work is put into organizing everything and it shows! I’m so glad I got the opportunity to be there and I hope we’ll be back to Vegas again next year. It’s definitely one of my favorite cities! :) :) :)

ps When the segments do air, let me know what you guys think about them!

pps Enjoy these fun photos! ;)

club XS
mirrors on the ceiling!


My first post of 2014, yippee! I hope everyone out there enjoyed their holidays. I had a great time with my friends and family. I love Christmas, I love opening presents! I was really spoiled with Tiffany’s this year: two bracelets and one ring, lucky me! Gotta love those little blue boxes ;).

Here’s a pic of me with my mom and Grammy!
mommy + grammy

If you guys have been watching the show lately (which you should be), you’ll know that Whitney and I are headed to the AVN Awards very soon. I am beyond excited! We’ll be covering the tradeshow as well as the award show. If any of you are headed out to Vegas January 15-19, make sure you come say Hi to us! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Happy HD Day!

As most of you now know, Naked News has gone fully HD as of Wednesday November 20, 2013. It is definitely an iconic day in Naked News history! There is now a much larger and better quality picture, new HD backgrounds, new show intro, new watermark, new graphics, new bumpers, and much more. But, my favourite part is the new website! It looks so awesome, I hope you guys agree. I love that the archives have been extended to two years, and that there is vintage Naked News section. We’d love to know what you guys think about the new site, and all of the other changes so make sure to send in your comments and compliments to :)

Naked News has certainly come a long way since the first show in 1999…the next step is 3D! (can you imagine?) ;)