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So, how have you guys been enjoying our special guest, mattress actress Samantha Rone? She taught me that term, mattress actress. I think it’s hilarious! Isn’t it cool having a guest anchor come by for a few days, especially someone with a completely different job/lifestyle? It’s a great way to get something fresh and fun for you guys to enjoy on Naked News. What do you think, should we continue to invite special guests to host with us? Who would you like to see on the show next? Lots of stuff to look forward to from Samantha. She’s hosting Friday and Sunday with me. I also did a Schmooze with her. She’s a cutie. πŸ™‚

We have a very exciting Versus coming up next week. It’s 4 against 4, the biggest Versus we’ve ever had! Any guesses as to what it could be? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Because I’m in the Christmas spirit, here’s two shots from my spread in last year’s Snap Matter Magazine Holiday Edition.

Ho Ho Ho

xoxoxo πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

snap matter

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32 Responses to “XhO”
  1. Dominic says:

    Personally I can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming up with Jenny Scordamaglia. If she’s ever in Canada something tells me she’d be a perfect fit as a guest anchor!

    Hmm, 4v4 Versus, and we’re close to Christmas… maybe charades?

  2. Stu Lloyd says:

    A snowball fight?
    Merry Christmas

  3. Mike says:

    i think it would be GREAT to see Stephanie Abrams from the Weather Channel to be a guest host…she would be great for the weather part of NN…i have to think on the 4 on 4 Versus…hmmmm…

  4. Andy says:

    I remember in past years when my wife’s cat would come running whenever they notice we are on the toilet, because during that time the cat has seen that we are not going to be moving around much. Then (most of) the cats would beg for attention and petting while we do … well, whatever we do on the toilet.

    I noticed soon after that, when we flush the cats would get on top of the toilet to watch the whirlpool take it all away.

    Today, I had to run to the toilet for the conclusion of an orgasm, and just like clockwork the cat showed up. Except this time, I was standing. I think the cat does not realize the discomfort she nearly felt, since she hates to be wet.

    So – next time – I should put the seat up first.

  5. Andy says:

    I wonder if it’s possible to give Samantha a year trial as an anchor. Ya, that would be alright.

  6. Heather says:

    We loved here, but haven’t seen any of her stuff, prefer more 80/’s porn but that’s us, the pubic hair was better back then!
    Mike is working Xmas morning so listen in just before midday GMT!
    Merry Christmas Eila to you and all the other ladies at N.N.

    • Eila Adams says:

      I’m a fan of 80s porn too heather! I love the outfits, dialogue and music. Hope you and Mike have a great xxxmas πŸ˜‰

      • Heather says:

        We will, I’ve bought him the services of a prostitute for 24 hours, pricey but he’ll have a wail of a time!!!! The hair in 80’s porn is so ….. well, so! full of glamour.
        May Xmas bring you all everything you wish yourselves at NN. Give our love to Robin

  7. John says:

    Love the special guests

  8. Jeff says:

    Maybe a little personal but have youever had sex before?

  9. Andy says:

    I really love Numb3rs (Numbers), which I am very happy to see is available in its entirety on Netflix. The episode I just finished is dealing with a terrorist cell and its creation and distribution of sarin gas. Honestly, I know the name and little else, so if you say it’s made a certain way, it has this or that ingredient, I basically end with sure, whatever you say. However, I know this is some seriously dangerous stuff, and it’s serious people that would create it.

    So, the FBI in this episode goes into their target area, where they believe sarin will be distributed in order to kill people in their own town.

    Central to the show is two brothers and their father. The younger brother is a professor of high-level mathematics at a university. The older brother is a member of the FBI. The father’s experience with some job in his past could offer insight into the distribution of the gas; but these dangerous people raised a red flag with regard to inviting persons to the investigation that were not absolutely necessary.

    Immediately on hearing that, I thought the FBI was not likely to immediately replace the insights of this man, and certainly time is of the essence in the avoidance of a city-wide calamity, which surely would include this entire family. So while the concern is valid, the danger to the city is the one that weighs in more, as far as I can see.

    In the firefight that happens at the end, one – possibly more – of the team was a woman. After the terrorists were cuffed and the gas threat ended, we see the elder brother and the one lady dealing with what had just happened. I zoned out just a bit, thinking how gorgeous she was, and just then the guy says he would not have been able to deal with her getting shot, that he’s very glad the worst did not happen.

    I do not know if these two are paired up in future, but I do know that – first – I would not do very well in combat; and – second – impact of that situation upon me would be doubly hard to see women hurt, and I cannot see that it would matter in this situation whether they are in my team, opposition or bystander.

    Several episodes ago, a man in position of a spiritual guru was leading his cult into a position of suicide by ingestion of a highly communicable disease. The defense for this is that humanity is destroying this earth and are now a disease upon the planet.

    It happens that I do agree with him up to that point, but here is where it gets tricky. The people who stand willing to die hoping to save the planet, it seems to me, are the greatest value for keeping alive if the planet is to be saved from current path to destruction. The show does not actually offer any resolution beyond stopping the disease from getting out to the public. I think that would surely be a show all in itself, and it certainly would be a struggle keeping people’s interest in it. However. if that show offering solid resolution to this issue were to be made, the persons who in reality would dedicate everything they have cannot be the ones to kill themselves, because they are the caretakers of the earth that humanity was created to be.

  10. Andrew says:

    Have you seen the Sex scene from The Terminator?

  11. Andy says:

    Recently, I got a hold of some episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man. One episode I just watched is about a pilot who has trouble staying alert and responding to conditions in flight. The episode begins with an investigation about this pilot in a crash, and trying to put to rest questions on whether he should remain a pilot. As a viewer, we can see immediately he can no longer do well in the pilot seat, but he was renowned in years past. During this investigation, we can see it in his face. He is wondering, and he is not saying, β€˜What do I do now? This is all I know.’

    I can relate.

  12. Mike says:

    Eila..just curious what do you do when you are not on NN.??….do you have any vices ??…i think there is more to EILA than we to share…lol

  13. Gabriel says:

    It would be great if you could be your own guest. Two beautiful naked Eila at the same time.

    The perfect show for me will be the one when all the segments will be with you.

    First segment Inside the box, then Naked news part I, Wheelz, Ask an anchor, Flex appeal, Naked News part II, Naked in the streets, Boob tube,Travels, Naked Foodie and Closing remarks, And of course the host will be you!

    Not that I don’t like the other anchors. I am a very big fan of Peyton and I think Carli, Madison and Katherine are really marvelous.

    But you are such perfect that it is always a special moment when you are in front of the camera. Maybe one day my wish will come true. I will put it on top of my wish list for 2016.

    Happy Xmas to you! Hope Santa will give you all that you want and more.All that you deserve!

  14. Andrew says:

    Please tell me you watched that scene from The Terminator

  15. EGAIS says:

    A special edition of Eila’s Flex Appeal with four of her co-hosts joining in on the fun. Those guys that walked by without looking have the discipline of a samurai.

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