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Whipped Lightning

So much to report, so much has happened in the past few weeks!

Let’s start with Young Swingers Week at Hedonism. SUCH a great time! The resort was chock-full of sexy people. I had a ton of fun partying with everyone. We filmed some awesome segments for you guys, including another sexy massage (however nothing could top my SPICE massage 😉 ). Make sure you stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy this sweet pic of Carli Bei and I getting creamy during the catamaran party.

whipped carli

(ps did you know that there is such a thing as alcoholic whipped cream?! It’s called Whipped Lightning. Why did I not invent this?!?!)

Next up: my fitness bikini competition! It’s finally over..I can eat again, yippee! Even though I didn’t win (spoiler alert), I still really enjoyed competing. I met some incredible bodies and learned a lot about my own body in the process. Watch for the whole competition, airing soon on Naked News. Saturday night and Sunday I ate so many yummy treats including candy, chocolate, tacos, popcorn, chips, cookies, french fries and many, many cocktails! But, now it’s Monday which means back to the gym. I want to maintain these abs that I worked so hard for. 😉

Here’s a shot of my mommy and me during intermission. My spray tan is the same colour as her hair! 😀

mom and me saf

Now, this Saturday I’m going away to Costa Rica again, this time for three weeks! I’ve hired a camera crew out there and we will be shooting some Flex Appeals, some naked surfing, I’m checking out this nudist resort:…among other fun things. I can’t wait. I’ve been wanting to put together a naked travel segment for years and I’m finally doing it! While I’m away I’ll be posting pics so make sure you’re following me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I’ll be back in the Naked News studios in May, just in time for our summer shoots. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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22 Responses to “Whipped Lightning”
  1. Tim says:

    Awww your mom is so cute

    And think she did a good job bringing you up into a very positive outgoing girl xx

  2. Gabriel says:

    The judges at your competition must be blind men! It is so obvious that you are perfect. Even when you don’t wear bikini.

    I am jealous! Carli is so lucky. I hope that she is conscious of it. I love that kind of pictures and I really like the video. That’s a very great idea.

    Your mommy seems so proud of you and she has to. She gives birth for a perfect angel!

    You look very sexy as Easter Bunny. Any chance to see you one day on Playboy. You will be the Playmate of the Century (at least). I just forgot that playmates hide their pussy now. Don’t be a playmate, your pussy is to beautiful to be hidden.

  3. Andy says:

    I see it a lot, licking nipples seems to be a turn-on, so maybe it’s me but that’s no good for me. However, individually or together you got it covered. No, that’s not a pun.

  4. Andy says:

    Minority Report was a movie about three people who see parts of the future. The movie begins when these three have been already discovered to have this ability and have been put against their will into sensory deprivation chambers that encourage precognition accuracy.
    I’ve just started the television series that was drawn from that. The series has those three characters released from the chambers and no longer used to stop crimes foreseen. However, their visions continue because that is their nature. One of them, the one whose visions see violence in particular, connects with a cop to stop people from dying in those manners which he foresees. The cop, played by Meagan Good, has a history that I have not seen working with him, in that together a previous operation saw the precog kill a man who was intent on killing the cop.
    While we deal with the otherwise innocent man who has witnessed a lot of killing kills for the first time, he says there was no sensation at all. None. He mentions he had seen over 700 murders. Considering games and movies I’ve seen and played, I have seen a lot more than 700, and I do not think that would be true of me. Perhaps he is saying the nature of those killings he had seen in past were of a gruesome, personal and striking nature whose repetition stops a sense of horror. And all I can think is how gorgeous this cop is.

  5. Andy says:

    Karen decided to put flea killer on Zoe yesterday. Karen asked me to hold Zoe in one place while Karen gets the stuff and comes back. Zoe started to get nervous with me hemming her in, but she stayed – until Karen opened the package and began to squeeze this liquid onto Zoe’s back. It has to be put on a spot the cat will not paw over or lick for self-grooming. As soon as Karen got the first squeeze through, Zoe broke from my hold and we lost what appeared to me to be half its contents on our bed sheet. Zoe’s a small cat, so I suppose it’s no bother; but Zoe did not want anything to do with us for a while.
    When next I did pick up Zoe and take her to Karen, Karen said that Zoe had vomited on the carpet. It’s not really much of a surprise when a cat reacts poorly to putting pesticides on her; but presumably those products are made to not cause harm to a cat while they kill the little bugs. I couldn’t tell you the first thing that’s in it, but I do think it’s best if we find a different product for the next time.

  6. Andy says:

    I just watched an episode of Eli Stone. In this show, we may very well accept that visions whose source is questionable have an undeniable connection to some source of knowledge to the future and the past. This fiction, I believe, is intended to suggest there is a very real God supplying bits of this knowledge to Eli. In this particular episode Eli sees into the future a man being honored without explanation, using key words and his own name, both of which seem to have been somehow placed into those visions by that peculiar insight.
    Eli seems to be getting these visions as a prompt into pursuit of one or another possible client or cause. He gives his assistant the name and asks for help finding his unknown charge, but the reception he gets is an introduction to two chimpanzees who had been lovers and otherwise very close to each other. I don’t really get it, but apparently it’s a bad thing to call them monkeys. The issue with these two is that they were both males. It quickly becomes apparent that in order to follow the nature of this leading by someone who might be God is to reunite lovesick and separated homosexual chimpanzees.
    It stands to reason not all people convicted of a crime actually committed it, and what we are seeing suggests his involvement in that crime is much less than he got credit for. Now as a prisoner, he seems to be in living conditions unacceptable by any standards.
    So, if we accept it was God orchestrating visions whose nature is to help this particular man and the prison that houses him, does it seem intact with that philosophy to also encourage simian homosexuality?
    It would be false to suggest me paranoid of the gay community, but I also recognize a nature in things this debate does not seem to recognize. That said, the two chimpanzees are said to be physically suffering from their failure to reconnect. They are ‘heartsick’, it was said. For these two chimpanzees, if they cannot otherwise connect and live well, it only makes sense to keep them healthy.
    It could well be that producers of this show wished only for dealing with controversy and the veiled implication of God’s involvement and to avoid running askew of segments of the community. Or maybe these people do want to suggest their fiction has a correlation to some real nature.
    It’s funny, heartwarming, sweet and sometimes musical.

  7. Andy says:

    I wonder why those Viagra commercials don’t illustrate the problem they are supposed to deal with, but instead always use a beautiful woman as their voice? It’s not like a different speaker would change the message – but maybe change how well it is received.

  8. Andrew says:

    How much Cream did you use?

  9. Andy says:

    I mute a lot of commercials. Target and Verizon are recent annoyance factors. One I do my best to avoid muting is one with Lily Adams – or Milana Vayntrub. Such a sexy woman!

  10. Andy says:

    Yesterday I began to watch a show new to me called Lucifer. This one suggests the Devil began to get bored with ruling Hell and moved, perhaps permanently, to live among humans. As an expert in punishing the guilty, he begins to help a police detective. As an expert in seduction, he is confounded by this female detective’s resistance to his charms.
    Near the beginning of the first episode, Lucifer is asked by his brother to return to Hell. Being angels, they are all brothers, but it appears this brother in particular is working for Dad – or God. I’m guessing at this point, but he might be Gabriel or Michael.
    Spoilers begin. SPOILERS on Lucifer
    We begin to see Lucifer changing and perhaps developing a conscience, while that angel working for God is himself hiring a hitman to kill the physical form of Lucifer, which has begun to bleed when shot, and otherwise show symptoms of mortality. I wonder if this show will have the Devil turning good and the angel turning evil. Hmm

  11. Andy says:

    I just saw your Viewer’s Mail, June 1, 2014; this is the first time I’ve seen this one. I gotta say, Kayla and you do look similar; but if she’s into fitness like that, maybe she’s got a future, never mind that Jane Fonda!

    Oh, and I also love the Flex Appeals

  12. Dean says:

    Really liked seeing you in the fitness competition, sorry you didn’t place better.
    Waiting to see what you do in the islands.

  13. Andy says:

    There is an enormous level of subjectivity that people in media are prone to. As a person in the public eye, I think you must have received both sides. I do not think it likely people speak of any Naked News anchors as ugly, unless malice is behind it. Try to bear with this, there’s something beyond.
    If I express on any level some revulsion – which I seem to be unable to say straight – we may suddenly discover a level of truth previously undiscovered. More than that, however, we find a power in expression previously undiscovered – and which likely carries an effect in that subject, beyond intent.
    I saw a photo of my mother from the time when first she married my father, and I see what I believe good reason for my dad to choose her; but I do not remember my mother looking that good. It is clear numerous ailments, including liver disease and advancing age, had taken its toll. This subjective nature, which it seems clear my father held, I could no longer see for myself. However, this great power from my thinking her attractive or not, strong or not, by degrees will become partial evidence, even if I do not think that anymore – even if I was lying – suddenly it is perceived that in part I spoke the truth.
    So, we are by bits – ugly and repulsive, gorgeous and sweet, skinny and fat. My perception is gold, but it’s fool’s gold. Let’s all avoid being fool, and remember to be fair about ourselves.

  14. Andy says:

    It makes perfect sense that now on gaming platforms such as X-Box and Playstation, movies are there for us to enjoy. I have not seen them myself, but I was tempted to get involved when I saw some of my favorites now available on Steam. In case of interest, find it at However, I notice these are not movie purchases, they are rentals. I suppose it’s a good amount of time the renter has to enjoy it, but I am seeing many of them at $3.99, for which I hope to keep it for good. Yes, of course I know the theatre ticket prices are commonly $10 or $15, but at least those are new releases, or close to it.
    Okay, nevermind that, it’s a great move, and I’m sure initial pricing is a pure guess at what will sell it best.

  15. Andy says:

    I just watched the first episode of Doogie Howser, MD. I’ve seen various others in the past; but it’s much better to see a series from the first; and besides, I can’t place any other into its timeline for the kid genius.

    The synopsis had told me he passes his driver’s license test and must pass another in short order. However, that was all in the first scene. It makes sense to have show about a doctor deal with a medical emergency, so .. the accident that happens during a driving exam really is par.

    We learn this is Doogie’s sixteenth birthday; a heart patient who is very young, maybe ten; and a dance for high school students is among his hopes for the immediate future. He may be a genius, but he’s also a teenager with raging hormones.

    We pass a good amount of time talking about the dance to come, and walking through the hospital, dealing with medical things that I do not understand; and trying to introduce the new driver to the world of automotives. At the dance, the physician’s beeper goes off and he must rush off … and learns his heart patient died of heart failure, just about the time when he kissed a girl for the first time.

    This is looking like a promising show!

  16. Andy says:

    I was already up and awake. I just like the song; and I only knew one version. So, when my co-worker on the ship heard me singing ‘Sandman’ and thought I was thinking I should be sleeping, he interrupted my song and said, ‘Shouldn’t you be singing “Wake Up, Little Susie?”‘
    I told him, ‘That song is not about sleeping.’ I started laughing at him and quoted the lyrics: Give him two lips of roses and clover, and tell him that his lonely nights are over.
    Okay, so if I’d known it might be switched to ‘Give her two lips….’ I might have done that; but it’s his turn to laugh.

    I just like the song.

  17. Andy says:

    I’ve been playing lots of Payday 2 lately. One recent addition to the game is called Goat Simulator. I was not particularly interested in it when I saw goats hanging from street lamps, which we thieves and hoodlums must get down to ground level. However, yesterday a group I was in took me into that event, so I am now impressed.

    Payday 2 is a crime organization, and those who play it are their basic grunts for crime. We progressively gain better weapons, armor, abilities and complete or fail on various heists. A good amount of business with this crime organization is dealing with cocaine, sometimes shortened to coke.

    Sometimes we cook meth and get it transported; sometimes we bag and transport cocaine, weapons, art, gold, anything the black market might value.

    In the Goat Simulator, we are tasked with getting escaped goats under control because someone has put cocaine inside them. I suppose by swollowing bags. I do not think it matters if the goats survive, but the drugs are more likely to remain intact if the animal is.

    Right from the start, we are fighting police so there is little time to laugh at what’s going on; but I would have been.

  18. Carlo says:

    That’s not fair that you didn’t win. But maybe it had been better for you to stay in natural state? For me your look on NN is better than on the competition; you are one of them – and not yourself. Just my thought 🙂 .

    The pics from Costarica on twitter were great, thank you!

  19. Andy says:

    This time – I’m rearranging the conversation for a chuckle; so it didn’t actually happen this way.

    Karen told me she’s upset with Zoe for continually clawing at our drapes. I said, ‘You get a cat over my objection, and I’m gonna be sympathetic when you are less than happy?’
    (ignoring me)
    ‘I’m thinking of getting a scratching post, which I am sure she will ignore unless we also spray it with catnip.’
    ‘Make sure to let me know when we get the catnip spray, I’ll make an addition to your perfume.’ – Okay, I didn’t say that, but I thought it, a couple days later.

  20. Johndavids says:

    Out of curiousty . During your stay at the hedonism , did you perform
    any sexual intercourse with other members of the facility? Did you give any blowjobs or any sexual acts , this brings me to my most important question . Do you consider yourself a pornstar or just an erotic news anchor? Thanks once again for your time , hope to hear from you soon

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