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It’s gonna be May

I’m back again! I feel like I’ve been in and out of Naked News all year. Anyway, let’s get into my trip to Costa Rica. Loved it! I shot some amazing stuff for you guys. I think my favorite shoot of all had to be the naked surfing. It was only my second time doing it and I was impressed with how awesome I did. I got up every time! We shot it using a drone too. Look forward to that airing soon as well as much more! Here’s a pic at just one of the amazing beaches we shot a Flex Appeal at:


Miami is next up me at the end of May! Whitney St John and I will be covering Cam Con at the SLS. Should be wild! I always have a great time in Miami. Also, we’ll FINALLY be collaborating with Jenny Scordamaglia of Miami TV! Can’t wait. We’re shooting some naked yoga, naked cooking as well as a Schmooze.

Remember my birthday is coming up on May 17th so you still have plenty of time to start shopping for presents! 😉 😉


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73 Responses to “It’s gonna be May”
  1. Andy says:

    I saw a promotion today for a show that’s new to me, but I see it’s been three seasons running. It’s called H2O Just Add Water. I wasn’t particularly interested in the bit about three girls at high school age magically turned into mermaids, but on a whim I started the first episode. Everybody talks like Emily deRavin, and I suppose there’s a good reason for that, being a product of Australia. So, I’m already 9 minutes 40 seconds in and I can’t hear enough of their voices. I suppose some might call it weird, but it really gets to me.

    • Andy says:

      Hmm, it seems to have a plot on the level of Glee, high-school level rivalries and enmity, not a plus; but like Glee, the musical nature of the show is the draw for me.

  2. Andy says:

    There’s this one porn star I’ve been unable for the longest time to find her name, because I really wanted to see more of her. This is kind of a special thing tho. My landlord is a company who has a secretary, who I think looks so much like this girl I am tempted to ask her if she ever did porn in the past; but I think this certainly would embarrass her, so I won’t do it.

    Maybe I could get contact info on the porn star and ask for confirmation what she’s doing now. It’s not like I think we’ll hook up, but I would not deny a hidden wish.

  3. Andy says:

    I heard a commentary on Star Trek: Enterprise that suggested one of the principles they used in its creation was a life of technology and ship development that was not quite at the level of Star Trek: The Original Series. However, this does not measure up. I suppose I cannot measure against how they arrived at their conclusions, but they did mention the ship’s interior coloring and the uniforms of officers and crew.

    If I were to disregard the times of their creation and suggest based on those things which one arrived first, I would have said The Original Series.

    When I served in the US Navy, and on two ships, it was clear at that time that interior paint color should generally be white. This is all about economics. White paint reflects light, so a lower energy output for lighting a room is needed. Similar economics would be used in the painting of the outer hull, but in the US Navy, they prefer to be not spotted easily, so they will be some level of grey. This is called subdued, and it is a kind of camouflage. I do think the Enterprise on The Original Series preferred to be seen, so as to avoid inadvertent collisions.

    In The Original Series, we also see uniforms of simple blue, yellow and red, mostly with black pants. Even in The Next Generation, this is true of their uniforms; but in Star Trek: Enterprise, we do not see uniforms that are simple in color. They seem to be all one mix of colors with marks for rank.

    I have heard suggestions this may have been severely lacking in production value, and I suppose these reactions to the design they had in mind might weigh in. However, it seems to me this is cosmetic in nature. The show creators had some concepts to get across, and to understand their meaning is my privilege.

    So, when Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) is looking for some help filling a role on his ship, he goes to an old friend Hoshi Sato (Linda Park). He had to pull some strings to gain her release from teaching languages to children, so she might help Archer to make introductions to species that humans have yet to encounter. All of a sudden the colors of the ship and the uniforms matter a bit less to me.

  4. Gabriel says:

    Good to see you back on your site and on Naked News! You can’t imagine how I miss you Eila. And I sure I am not the only one.

    I think of course of your birthday but I just have a doubt. I am not sure about the colour of the Ferrari.

    Finally, you have solved your problem with your bikini contest. You are more beautiful on a beach without any bikini. Like that you were sure to win all the beaut contest in the world. And in heaven. You are just superb in the sand It’s a crime to hide such a perfect body. Even with a tiny piece of swin suit.

    • Eila Adams says:

      i’d prefer a hummer over a ferrari! 😉

      • gabriel says:

        I still don’t know about the colour!

        Or maybe the superb necklace you wear on a previous picture?

        Talking about colour, I really like your Wheelz segment of the week. Your dress was perfect when you talked with the guy of Jaguar. He didn’t know where to look and seem very embarrassed. He had however the best “decolleté” in front of him. I am sure I will have enjoy these splendid view more than he did.

        You’re still the best and be sure that you’ll be forever.

        And it’s a great idea to have you doing the sport segment. It’s so obvious that you are the one for it. Hope it will not be a one shot.

        • Eila Adams says:

          I agree re sports Gabriel. I used to do sports everyday years ago, now I’m glad to be back at it 🙂

          • Gabriel says:

            2 Sports segments the seame week, it is like a dream comes true. You are so great at it.

            You are doing a very great job and it is wonderful to look at your work.

            Hope we will soon see pictures of your birthday on your blog.

          • Eila Adams says:

            I’m also in Sports on today’s show gabriel! and I actually didn’t take any photos on my bday, oops! 🙂 xo

          • Gabriel says:

            I have seen the Sports segment and you are absolutely lovely in it. So cute and so adorable with your hair in bunches. And so sexy when you take your bikini bottom off (I really like it when you do it before leaving the top). Always a miracle to see your lovely shaved pussy. The close up is wonderful. As you can understand I really enjoy this segment.

            I am just anxious because it must be dangerous to do sport with these shoes!

            In fact, this week was perfect. “Flex Appeal” with Carli is a great moment. Thank you. I definitely think that you have now quite nothing to hide (I hope that I am not too crude in saying that. If it is the case I beg your pardon). It is a very beautiful show. Even when you are with a marvellous girl like Carli, I can only look at you.

            And I love your lingerie on the the two News Bulletins. The red one is fantastic and you wear it so well. I must be wrong but I think that is the first time I see the see-through white one.

            I wonder how you choose your clothes for your shows. They are amazing! The black one in the “Inside the box” segment is incredibly sexy and sophisticated. Only a perfect girl like you deserves to wear a lovely outfit like that.

            So thank you for all your work.

            Any chance to see you in Wheels soon?

          • Eila Adams says:

            glad you’ve been enjoying my outfits gabriel! I love to shop so I appreciate the feedback. I’m not sure when I’ll be in Wheelz next but most likely soon. It’s one of my fav segments 🙂

    • gabriel says:

      The color must be pink of course. How can I have forgotten? I feel stupid. Can you forgive me?

      So a pink hummer…

  5. Mike says:

    Really the 16th….hmmmm what can I get you ..??? …any ideas..

  6. Andy says:

    A bear walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender, surprised, says, ‘That’s fifty dollars.’

    The bear says, ‘Hey, why are you staring?’

    The bartender says, ‘We don’t see many bears in here.’

    The bear says, ‘Well, at fifty bucks a beer, I’m not surprised.’

    This is from House of Fury, a Martial Arts movie. I think it was originally made in Chinese, so finding it might be an issue.

  7. Andy says:

    I found a computerized version of Monopoly, one of my favorite games. I was close to the end of one game when my wife sees that I’m playing Monopoly. She sees there are two human players. One is named Andres, which is Spanish for Andrew; and the other is Elizabeth.

    Karen asked me, ‘Who is Elizabeth?’

    When I answered ‘It’s just a name,’ what I did not say was that if she watches how I play and essentially give to this other player all my resources so she might win, this is an illustration of how I think of my former co-worker of the same name.

  8. Mark says:

    Hi Eila,

    So glad to be able to get in touch again. You have been world traveling and I recently had surgery that required a hospital stay and I am catching up on my favorite program. Great to see you back on the show and I just watched Tuesday’s program with you hosting. I had to write because I absolutely loved, loved your fabulous yellow pointy toed pumps! They are awesome! What a great pair or pumps to wear when you are naked! They look so good on you! Isn’t that the way those pumps are supposed to be worn, only when you are buck naked? Hope you wear those regularly and other great pairs of pumps just like that. Simply love them, made my day!
    Your birthday is coming soon and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I am looking forward to you going to Miami and doing some terrific segments with Jenny Scordamaglia. I hope the segments you will be doing with Jenny will be completely nude! I love Jenny and you and Whitney shooting segments with her will be fantastic!
    More, more of you naked in those awesome pointy toed pumps Eila! So cool!


    • Eila Adams says:

      those heels are my new favs mark! and of course we’ll be shooting with jenny completely nude! we’re excited 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Rodd says:

        I’m not a MIAMI-TV member but I’ve seen some caps about Jenny Scordamaglia naked yoga. A very high level,of nudity, much higher than the NAKED NEWS standard allowed. Where is the cheat ?

  9. Andy says:

    I wonder, can you tell what happened to library girl? — It’s not like I can right now, but.. if she was there (like I didn’t have enough) I’d have another reason to get back on hmm

  10. Andy says:

    You should know Norton Antivirus blocks

    Spoilers on The Blacklist
    The new season of The Blacklist begins with the aftermath of the death of Elizabeth Keen, an agent for the FBI, whom I imagined would be central through the show to the end. Of course, it’s Raymond Reddington, or ‘Red’, who is central, since the first episode begins with Red, to that point known as the FBI’s Enemy Number 1 turning himself in at FBI Headquarters.
    In this first episode, which I am watching now, we hark back a little to the death of Agent Keen; but having seen the shootout and knowing it was Red’s own enemies that were the reason for her death, and indeed most enemies until that point had a vested interest against Red.
    All this leads to the point, Red sees that the violence always following him must be eliminated from the lives of those he loves – which therefore necessitates he leaves their lives entirely.
    Moving to a resort location may have been a partial answer to this; but when he sees a woman discard some precious things on the sand and walk into the water, he must respond.
    For a time, it seems we have here a pair of suicidal individuals surviving together.

  11. Matt says:

    Eila, I know I’m a day early, but Happy Birthday!!!!! Just watched today’s episode…did I miss something, or was there not a stitch of clothing worn the entire episode by anyone? I almost can’t handle that (in a good way!). I hope you are having fun in Miami…I haven’t been there in five years, but South Beach is awesome. I hope you and Jenny have a blast, wear minimal clothing (but apply proper sunscreen), and just enjoy every bit of your birthday!!!! (Don’t get in too much trouble, cops won’t let you broadcast NN from a jail cell…although if it’s you and Jenny they might make an exception, lol.)

    • Eila Adams says:

      thanks Matt! I’ll be in Miami may 31-june 5. We’ll be working with Jenny on Tuesday, so excited! 🙂

  12. gabriel says:

    Happy birthday Eila!

    Although you are twice younger than me, you surely lived a lot more of great moments than I did. I am one of your biggest fans and would stay forever.

    I hope that all your lovers will make your birthday a very special day.

    I enjoy your wheelz segment but it is a little bit disapointing that you started it already naked. I prefer when you take off your clothes, specially when you begins by taking off your mini skirt (and you have nothing under).

    Great birthday Eila! I think that it must become International Holiday to celebrate your beauty and your wit.

  13. Mark says:

    Hi Eila, It’s Your Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to You!!! I hope you had a wonderful day and spent as much of it as possible in your birthday suit complimented with a great pair of pumps. I think you did from what I saw on Tuesday’s program. I also saw the video of you streaking. How awesome!!! What better way to spend your birthday!! You rock!!


  14. Andy says:

    Sorry I wasn’t about yesterday, but I did remember your birthday. I hope you had some fun!

  15. Andy says:

    Hey, I’m trying to remember how long it’s been. Are you able – willing – to tell us your revised age?

  16. Andy says:

    I started another new show today, Chicago Med. I was lucky to find it from the first episode, or I would not have started it. I read the preview, but it’s not really any surprise at all, it’s about a new medical center whose doors open in Chicago. The preview tells us something about a train derailment, and I don’t remember more than that.
    I am not certain whether the boy in a couple scenes is injured by the train situation, but he has a chronic lung disability, which as the medical team is dealing with some severe injuries comes to a head. Another player in this scene is a man who was injured, who has been promised to marry a certain woman who is present for her loved one. The man, whose injuries I do not know just now, seem to make questionable whether he will survive. The fiancée is asked for permission to take the man’s lungs to the boy, so at least one of them might survive.
    When I started crying, I knew I had to tell you.

  17. Tim says:

    I was just reading the comments to see if there was any mention of the Eila / Jenny team up. (There isn’t). But I did notice a lot of random blabbering from Andy. Isn’t this page moderated?

    • Eila Adams says:

      guess what tim! we’re finally working with Jenny on May 31. watch for the segments coming soon! 🙂 xo

    • Andy says:

      I do tell what is going on in my life; essentially nowhere else gets these. Eila doesn’t even post them all.
      Zoe (the cat) disappeared Monday night. It seems we were worried forever, until on Tuesday about 10 pm she walked back into the house. She was totally filthy and can’t do with a proper bath. Just really glad to have our little girl back.
      My neighbor and I spoke about the possibility she found other accommodation, or was nabbed by animal control. In past, animal control did find a lost tabby of ours and would have charged for his return. I told them to keep him, and for Zoe I would have said the same. I’d rather not have bought a new keyboard and several iPad cords she chewed through, and to deal with all the mess and smell. If it had been animal control calling to sell our cat back to us, at least I have enough control to say I don’t have that to pay, I’d rather buy a new video game like XCOM 2 or GTA 5
      I don’t feel bad if Eila doesn’t post my stuff, it’s just a bit of what’s going on; and Eila is totally sweet to include my blabbering, even if it doesn’t include everything..

  18. Andy says:

    I came across a movie tonight, called ‘200 Pounds of Beauty’. It was recorded in Korean, which made some of the translation difficult. I speak no Korean, none at all, so my dependence on subtitles was entire; and some of them were absent, or curiously errant. I cannot be sure whether ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ was used as a plot basis, but it could be said the unattractive woman with an incredible voice, who sings for a pretty girl who can’t sing at all, has been done.
    Enter plastic surgery, a new name, a new wardrobe, and burn the rest. Well, not quite. The truth is still there.
    This is a very heartwarming story, but I do hope you may see it for yourself. Remember, for those who do not speak Korean, to keep the subtitles on.

  19. Jesse says:

    Hi eila, i love you on NN In my opinion your very sexy and i think you should have won the contest in Jamaica. Regardless of clothes you are hot! Lol Also i love to see you in flex apeal, doing all those exercises in the nude just adds to your natural sexiness

  20. Jacob says:

    Hey Eila, I just wanted to ask: Could you tell us more details about the time you once saw former Naked News Anchor Victoria Sinclair of all people getting daggered during your first trip to Hedonism? There was no mention of what kind of person she did it with, her reaction to it, if they were just dancing and grinding, or if she was naked with the guy at the time.

  21. dave says:

    Hi Eila,
    Happy Birthday! Hope I’m not too late.
    just watched an old series of photos of you doing a strip out of a bikini – you are the sexiest woman alive!
    My dream would be to be marooned on a desert island with you just so I could admire that (naked) figure – seriously just looking!
    But please please can we have some more of your beautiful naked feet – you don’t always have to wear shoes when you’re naked!
    All the best

  22. Andy says:

    Heartbeat is a new television show about a cardiothoracic surgeon who regularly notices students follow her in droves, partly because she has been put in charge of infusing the hospital she works at with cutting-edge surgical tools and doctors. In the second episode, which I just started, we are introduced to conjoined twins. These women are fiercely individualistic, while they share spleen and liver; and one has cancer. We might be able to deal with treatment of cancer to save the life of the one; but the treatment would tax the heart of the other and kill her. It is suggested that one dying would bring the death of the other. Can a shared spleen and liver be separated safely; and can they survive as completely separate persons? I am not sure such an answer can be found, and definitely not in a one-hour show; but it seems clear to me worth our consideration.

  23. Andy says:

    it’s been a bunch of years and I do not see anyone from those days anymore ..
    … See, there was this bar fight. A friend of mine .. I’m not sure she thought of her as a friend of mine, but I did then … was just sort of in the middle of it. My friend was hit in the face by a broken bottle. Lacking any sort of surgical intervention, she would have a scar from the edge of her face and down her cheek for the rest of her life. One day, she’s gorgeous, on the same order as I now think of Terry Hatcher. The next, she hopes for such a day. I was transferred to other work and in truth, I never saw the results of surgery. Actually, I cannot now think whether I saw her again, but I certainly would be in favor of a reacquaintance.

  24. Leo says:

    Hello Eila hope you are having a great day. Well I would like to tell you that I would really like to meet you in person.Strangely enough I don’t even watch Naked News on a daily basis don’t get me wrong because nudity is pretty normal to me and I don’t find it titillating at all. Though there are many pretty girls on the show I feel I really connect to you the most cause you probably have the prettiest smile on the show and it’s contagious. It seems as if you are smiling straight from the heart. Tell me when and where I can meet you would love to have talk to you in person. One more thing do you like flowers or have any preferences do let me know then I will take them for you. Hoping to hear from you soon. Lots of love <3

  25. Andy says:

    I really would not have wanted to be the recipient of the birthday present Katherine got this year, and even though we can see the fun, the intent, and the jovial nature connected, my own nature, and I believe Kat’s nature, make pies in the face not something to look forward to. However, I’ll admit that makes it tough on the person devising a celebration.

    But she was saying how nobody had wished her a happy birthday, so there’s an undeinable upside.

    If they had been coconut cream, or (Katherine’s favorite) we might have a different tune.

  26. Andy says:

    Spoilers on THE NIGHT SHIFT
    The Night Shift is a medical drama show about an emergency room and, as you might expect from the title, it happens overnight. You know that when slightly before each commercial, there’s a flash of the current time.
    Today is Father’s Day, which since this episode is very recent might be a factor in its plot. A Chinese doctor is visited by his mother, in whom it is clear there is an amount of disappointment in who the son is. The son is a doctor. He is chief of his department in the emergency room, is a husband and father of three, and apparently that is not enough. Their discussion is broken momentarily as the mother discloses she had been an engineer student in Hong Kong, and when they moved to the US, the father died and the mother was forced to take jobs in food service, for which she had no tolerance and less training.
    As I saw that discussion, I thought it’s more than a commentary on my own studying stocks and Spanish for twenty years, only to conclude my studies are not going to serve; but in addition to remember that my own mother had become qualified as a beautician, while I never did see her work in that field. This is probably because my father left our family when I was very young.
    My father travels the United States for his job, or rather he did when last we spoke. Being on the road so much has been taxing his back, so this may no longer be true.
    This episode also has a very young couple, recently married. An accident brings them in for treatment, but what causes concern is the bride’s heart. Her father is with them, but he’s an unruly drunk, which is prompting this young lady to distance herself from him. She recalls that the father has been drinking heavily for years and that he seems to be messing up everything in her life.
    The father says his last drink was on the plane he took over here, and he wanted to be sober for the wedding – and he is. However, he’s having bouts of paranoia and spitting up blood. The father’s heart is in some serious trouble from a genetic disorder that I can’t remember, and his alcoholism is complicating their solution. He asks to see the daughter, but she turns him down. As the father heads to surgery, she does ask to speak to him but he’s sedated.
    Two surgeons watch this surgery from beyond the glass. They are male and female, and I don’t know their names. The lady asks him if he was supposed to see his family. He says he can’t deal with his family because he is gay. When he admitted this to his father, it seemed like a light turned off inside him. Before, they were father and son going to games, playing all the sports, and having a great time. Now, it’s insufferable to be together. The lady asks, ‘How are you going to feel if you can never talk to your father again?’ It was at this moment the surgery took a turn for the worse, the current time came up, and an inevitable commercial. When the show returned, we see that the young bride gets the news that her sober father was trying to rehabilitate, and was trying to make amends, and her last words on the subject of him was that she never wanted to see him again. And, the father and daughter have the same heart defect, which could very well kill her if they don’t treat it. Don’t worry, Dad gets the blame.

  27. Andy says:

    I went to the office of our landlord to express my great happiness in finding mulberry trees right next to our place. The lady I met there *doesn’t* like mulberries, nor anything about them; so when I wondered out loud whether we might plant more, or do they just sort of sprout up, not only was it a resounding ‘no’ but they just sprout up anyway.

    When Zoe came back after what must have been a terrifying night for her, Karen decided to help Zoe lose her fear of the outdoors, and at the same time help Zoe to learn our living location so she might find her way back home if she ever wanders off again. We have to be careful not to permit Zoe outside at a time when she might get pregnant, because … well, she would certainly do so. Last night, Karen sat outside while she watched Zoe slink about and try to catch some prey to play with. One squirrel evaded Zoe by hanging from tree branches Zoe was too big to follow, and then jumped across to the mulberry tree and started eating MY MULBERRIES. Well, when I heard that, I pretended like I was mad and wanted the ones the squirrel was picking. It was a little mulberry whine. You like whine, don’t you?

  28. Andy says:

    Just a slight warning, coming back in. I need me some Naked News. I’ll bring tissues.

  29. Andy says:

    nevermind the new email, the old one is kaput.
    Today my wife was planning to go out for groceries. When I say it’s that time of the month, i’m talking about when we need more food. So, she says how our list of things we must get keeps growing.
    ‘Sugar,’ I said. I thought I was adding to the list.
    ‘Yes, Sweetie?’ She thought I was calling her a name. Hmm.

  30. Andy says:

    One thing you would not (yet) know about me is my enthusiasm for chess. My brother taught me chess many years ago. I can’t say either of us ever quite mastered it in terms of strategy, but we both loved it then. Lately I have been entertaining the ideas of commemrative chess sets. So … if I made a commemorative chess set of Naked News anchors, would this appeal? I know who the queen would be; but who would stand for king?

  31. Andy says:

    Following that last.
    I think that to do this I would have to choose who is bishop, knight, rook and pawn. Also, that fills up one side. Who’s on the other? Past members? Anchors from main stream news? It would be a fight of clothed vs nude! I think I like this. However, please let us not imagine I dislike any other newscaster … not that I watch them either.

    One big problem. No matter what I devise, good or bad, even the smallest, is not likely to ever be put into stone, wood or even anything that is not virtual. I wonder how to send you any product I create?

  32. Andy says:

    Recent days have seen a male cat staying around our house, obviously interested in Zoe. Zoe is less than a year old, which concerns Karen. I guess somebody should remind her of the very threatening collection agent who called and suggested they may put a lein on our house if we don’t pay them; or maybe that the car’s muffler has fallen off.

    I began to suggest we do disservice to both of these cats if we do not spay the one or neuter the other. At least it is conceivable that she may become pregnant if this guy sticks around. Zoe is not in heat right now, but it seems to me that by accepting Zoe to care for; by choosing to leave sex intact; and by permitting the two to play, this is clearly not going to be just playing. Eventually, this becomes disservice to ourselves.

  33. Andy says:

    Eila, would it be alright if you look up the name Drew Lynch on Youtube? You can thank me later.

  34. Gianluca says:

    Hi Eila, any chance to get fully nudes from yu from the head to the feet tips? with no shoes and no nail polish… I’d enroll immediately to the naked news site if it were possible to see you so often totally nude (with no shoes and no polish on the nails) cheers, Luca

  35. Tim says:

    i love u so much Eila. I don’t think i could ever meet you i would pass out!
    It’s ok tho i’m happy just admiring you from afar every day. it’s nice you take time to reply to you fans
    there is something magical about you. you have something special inside you

  36. Tim says:

    you know i just watched that interview with Whitney and Jenny from Miami tv. it was interesting when she spoke about how respectful viewers were and then whitney saying how they might feel pretty close emotionally.

    this is it with naked news.. its a new world you’ve made. i mean, i jerk off watching but i also listen to the show and stories… it kind of feels like being in love with the presenters more than just jerking off! it really does. normal porn is boring and of no interest to me now. you guys are all awesome people and love listening and feeling your personalities while i jerk it! i hope that sounds nice and not creepy!

    and you’re my favourite of course ! x

  37. Andy says:

    A certain man is friends with a magician. The magician has challenged him to a game of chess, in the hearing of others.
    The man speaks to other hearers: You have to be careful with this one. Last year, he took my king!
    Magician: Isn’t that the point?
    Man: The point is to capture the king, not to make it vanish.

    This is from Beauty and the Beast, the television show that has Ron Perlman as the Beast, and Linda Hamilton as Catherine (the Beauty). It is an episode called Dead of Winter. Personally, if I were ever in a fight with a magician, I hope I’m very well prepared.

  38. Andy says:

    If I play a flute while waving it to and fro, in front of a snake, well… I am a fakir.

  39. Andy says:

    I just saw the first episode of Scorpion. This is a totally awesome show. An example…
    The leading man is in a diner where the son of a waitress sits at the counter moving various pieces of the diner’s items… creamers, sugar packets, salt and pepper shakers… in front of him. The man begins paying undue attention to the boy and his own co-worker who is standing on the other side of the counter. From a bit of a distance, he points out the boy is using these various pieces to play chess … against a grand master, and the grand master is losing.

  40. Andy says:

    Referring to Scorpion (above) – I really love the voice of Jadyn Wong – sure, I know, some voices make me weak – and this is one of them

  41. Andy says:

    Noticing you have not been updating recently. I thought I should offer a few insights. I think I can get why Bruce Jenner went through recent surgery. I understand his claim that this seems to have been a hidden nature of his from years back. It seems to me he need not necessarily even offer that through surgery he’s being more true to himself, now herself. You don’t have to tell the world why you make your decisions. I think it’s best if you can articulate that to yourself, even to parties with more than passing interest. Passing interest is kind of like driving on a highway. There you are, and an accident has happened. People with passing interest slow down traffic, annoy people who need to move, and even can exacerbate emergencies, like letting ambulances through. So, at best I have passing interest, and Jenner, whether Bruce or Caitlyn, has no real reason to respond to whatever my question is, especially since this particular one is bound to happen more than once.
    I admire being true to yourself, and I can even get behind breaking some of one’s own values in favor of it. If I told you I need to get my nose cut off because this will allow me to be closer than who I should be, no matter what confusion and disagreement it causes, the greatest percent of that is not particularly relevant. If that is what I am convinced must be, let’s be sure of it, and move from there. Fortunately, it is not.
    After surgery, the new Caitlyn Jenner is given an award. I should mention this part is not really something I follow, so I’ll accept some room for error; but the biggest difference between Bruce and Caitlyn amounts to something that can only be called elective surgery. Even if it seemed to him at the time that it must be done; but honoring Caitlyn for elective surgery … isn’t that sort of like buying a Pulitzer Prize? They just hand these out to anybody?

  42. Mark says:

    Hi EIla!

    Can’t wait for a new post! I miss seeing you buck naked in your lime pumps! They are fabulous, I miss seeing them. Please wear them again. Thanks, you’re the best!

    Hugs and Kisses,


  43. Andy says:

    My DVD collection dwindled somewhat after my house fire, including the loss of The Mummy, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo and Shrek, which losses still irk me somewhat. I guess I can’t complain too much though, we still do have The Mummy Returns, which my wife has been wanting to see again. I asked her if she had a certain movie in mind for me to rent, and The Mummy was first to be requested. So, I returned from the rental spot with this selection in hand and now, as I put The Mummy in, I already had in mind that Rachel Weisz was the main reason I was so glad I had bought it before; and now after some years watching it afresh, as I see Miss Weisz I see that I just say ‘Wow!’ all throughout. Too easy to please, I suppose…. Okay, so movies with Rachel Weisz, check!

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