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I bruise like a peach

my first post in 2011, how exciting! I trust everyone’s holidays were as wonderful as mine! Santa was very good to me this year (probably because I was a good girl all year round, hehe, not!). New Year’s Eve was also a blast. However, I did slip in the buckets of champagne that popped at midnight. For those of you looking closely during my NN walkaways, you’ll notice a bruise on my bum! I did try to cover it up as best as I could! Bruises happen to the best of us ;). Check out this pic of my best girlfriend and I on NYE!

9 Responses to “I bruise like a peach”
  1. Jim - Florida says:

    Eila… I didn’t see your bruise. I only watch your gorgeous face…I only watch NN for the news content…and I only buy Playboy for the articles. First lies of 2011. 🙂

  2. Gary says:


    I was wondering if you shot a video during the party? If so, can the video be shown on a future segment of Naked News?

  3. Rick Rodin says:

    Eila, I am sorry you got hurt, but I have not seen a bruise.

  4. Happy New Year Eila!!! Hope you have an amazing year and ALL things go your way!

  5. Stevo says:

    OK, I’ve studied the tapes for Hours and can honestly say I’ve never had so much fun looking for a bruise. 😉 ;-). Please let us know if bruise any thing else on that lovely bod of yours.

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