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Christmas in July

Because Christmas is only 164 days away, enjoy!

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Ps Did you catch my interview with Stephen Yagielowic on last weekend’s Naked News? Watch for more fun Miami segments coming soon, including my NITS at Haulover Beach, Miami’s only NUDE beach 🙂 🙂 🙂

31 Responses to “Christmas in July”
  1. Andy says:

    Hey, somebody is missing his favorite piece

  2. Mark says:


    Great post and funny picture. I did catch your interview on last weekend’s NN. Outstanding job. I am looking forward to seeing more fully naked segments from Miami including you with Jenny Scordamaglia.

    Hugs and Kisses,


  3. Andy says:

    Karen came in the other day with a catalog we get sometimes. It had some really cute things in it. One was a T-shirt that says, ‘I turn beer into pee. What’s your superpower?’ I thought you’d get a kick out of that.

  4. gabriel says:

    Hurrah! You’re back on your website!

    And with a very funny picture.

    Suddenly I wonder about the right size. I feel very small.

    I long to see your Miami’s adventure. You will be so sexy once again.

  5. Andy says:

    I’ve been watching the show on CWTV called Containment. I’ve seen it from the beginning, which now is not an option. In the first episode people begin to go crazy and very violent, which generates a response that isolates the cause of this madness to an infection. Recent episodes call this a virus. In the second episode we see a section of the city walled off and called a cordon. A woman from the CDC arrives and takes control; and she names a local police officer as her spokesman on this subject to the media. I think he’s quite a handsome man, and I imagine his girlfriend, Jana, who is inside the cordon would agree. His name is Lex, and in order to deal with those walled off, Lex sends his very good friend and fellow officer, Jake, to be in charge of police who will aim to maintain order.
    Every episode is dealing with decisions about life or death, and people are suddenly separated from loved ones while they have sudden needs like food, shelter and water, which were not issues until just now. We see initial ferocity from Jake that Lex sent him in, but as I watched, I was so much entranced as I watched a young female teacher in this unbearable situation as she continues to teach her charges, who might be approximately 10 years old.
    I think it was at the end of Inferno, which is episode 7, where Jake tells us he thinks himself in love with this teacher. We could possibly say that since the end of the eighth episode, where Jake tells her he cannot see his life without her. So, Jake does now see that even with all the danger he’s in, this is the best that could have happened to him.
    This show has a gory nature. Lots of violence and blood, and certainly some will not deal well with it; but it really deals well with serious issues.

  6. Mark says:

    Hi Eila,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for wearing your lime pumps on Thursday’s program. I just love them! You look so beautiful wearing them naked! That is the only way you should ever wear them! They should be your official “naked” pumps, never to be worn with clothes! You are amazing Eila and one of the biggest reasons I love my Naked News!


  7. Andy says:

    Back to a time-out 🙁 aww
    I wonder if maybe next time forever membership comes up, I hope to take part. In case of miracle and we have sufficient dollars to get that

  8. Andy says:

    I found a TV series on my cable setup, called Dark Shadows. After having seen the movie of that title starring Johnny Depp, I thought this may be a new take on that vampire movie. This show is also about vampires, but I do not recognize character names or similar plot. It could well be that I simply have not seen the movie recently enough to make the connections.
    It’s been approximately two weeks since I first watched an episode, but by mistake that one was the third. So, today as I watch the pilot, I am hoping to fill in the gaps in the plot. I have to say I am glad I did, first because of the initial inclusion of Michael T. Weiss and the man who played Jordan’s father in Crossing Jordan. However, the star of this episode, and possibly the rest of the shows, is a young unknown who (to me) bears an uncanny resemblance to Teri Hatcher. Actually, as I thought to write on this, I realized that I was not sure how to spell Teri’s first name, so I had to look it up. Continuing to watch, I began to suppose the biopic of Teri Hatcher which may include this young lady as the very early version, and if I may say, well-represented. Whether such a show would ever come to fruition I am not close to saying.

  9. Andy says:

    There is a huge wall decoration in Amway Grand Plaza, and it was important to Karen for some reason at the time we got married. It’s a depiction of sunrise or sunset, I don’t know which. I believe it was similar craftsmanship between that metallic etching on the Plaza wall and the metallic creation Karen acquired for herself around the same time. Not only was this important, but it had to be hanging on the wall at the head of our bed. I could not sleep with that huge piece of metal over my head. I kept imagining it a guillotine but for a few nails that hold it to the wall. I would take it down and repeatedly move it away, sometimes even throw it like I might a frisbee.
    Last night Karen was looking over some online vendor of crafty things, and she ‘found something I absolutely love,’ she said as she rushed into the bedroom to measure the wall at the head of our bed. I began to think again of that old guillotine we had up there, and to wonder if it were absolutely necessary to pay hundreds of dollars for a decoration that will separate head from shoulders, or is there a cheaper way? Is this a good time to tell her I have been putting of the purchase of a game retailing at $60 because it’s too expensive at $30, or should I never more fuss about the dollars?

  10. Andy says:

    When my game shut down on its daily rest, I took a bit of time to watch some TV … well, we don’t have a TV that receives a signal, so when I say TV, I mean recorded shows on Internet. That’s TV for me. So, this morning I’m watching my next episode of Eli Stone. This one is called ‘Help!’ In the intro, Eli and his acupuncturist are about to enjoy a movie when it’s not the movie that takes his attention. Eli and several doctors have concluded the anyeurism in his brain appears to be a direct line to God, so when Eli sees his own assistant in his black-and-white movie, and instead of being involved in the plot the very beautiful Loretta Devine sings the Beatles song ‘Help’ and ends it with ‘She’s innocent, Eli’, I am moved to the conclusion the next case he will deal with is of an innocent woman, and the case is fairly stacked against her.

    Beginning with that assumption, we appear to have landed fairly on point, but the victim of what may well be a conspiracy, or at least gross error, is the daughter of the secretary herself. I know there are such things as false positive results on tests. For instance, when I was in the Army, all in my company were to be tested for AIDS, which would make sense in the Army. One man raised his hand and asked to be excused, knowing full well that he would test positive and that he does not have AIDS. He gave reasons related to drugs he was taking and his own chronic condition, which even at that time I did not understand.

    I’m not even to the first commercial, and I find myself asking what sort of errors in drug testing would lead the tester to the conclusion their target drug was present when it is not actually there; and knowing of a propensity for this sort of error may invalidate the test itself, in favor of some other that would be more accurate.

    The daughter, charged with possession of a controlled substance, claims to be innocent and even mouths off to her own lawyer because he believes her to be guilty but will serve her anyway. It makes sense the innocent should wish their own lawyers to believe they are innocent.

    • Andy says:

      I noticed a guest star on that episode, whom initially I thought was Ashley Judd. I was so convinced of that I looked up the episode on for the name Ashley Judd. Once I concluded I had mis-labeled her, I looked for who played the part of the heiress, and who would I find but Bridget Moynahan, who apparently still looks so much like Ashley Judd to me that I can’t tell the difference without a side-by-side photo comparison.

  11. Andy says:

    I feel bad sometimes that I can’t get the latest comics; but the center of the argument on many comic books, especially Batman is that the man breaks misapplied laws to get the people who skirt around them. This makes Batman a law breaker, otherwise known as a vigilante. I just watched the latest episode of Rush Hour, the television series built on the movie of the same name. This latest is named The Dark Night, which clearly is a reference to Batman. We begin with SWAT breaking into a lavish building and finding a televangelist with hookers and prescription medication for which there was no matching prescription. As the story moves forward, we begin to identify the man who is behind the fake 911 call that led police to that location.
    This episode tells about an automobile accident that was caused by a manufacturing defect and killed a wife and child and left the husband severely wounded and burned. With an IQ and technology off the charts and a conviction to get revenge on people who pay some dollars to keep their corruption going, this is beginning to sound a lot like Batman. Until it ends with the vigilante’s death by a police man upholding the law.

  12. Matt says:

    Eila, the photo you posted has inspired me to write an epic poem:

    There is a hottie named Eila, she likes to read the news,
    oftentimes she does her job while only wearing shoes,
    I’m sure there are some prudes out there who think that is profane,
    but anyone who hates Eila simply is insane.
    She’s fit and fun and flirty: she really seems quite fun
    (and judging by no tan lines, her boobs see a lot of sun).
    Well, in Miami she found a penis, it was pink and huge and fake,
    She rode it to the mall and she rode it to the lake.
    People came from far and wide, brought their daughters and their sons,
    They had to catch a glimpse of Eila’s perfect buns.
    She bounced and bounced around the world, even round the USA.
    The people said “Eila, be our president today!”
    “We don’t want no Hillary and we don’t want no Trump,
    let us vote for you, we want more of your rump!”
    So they voted by the millions (though she didn’t qualify)
    She won by a landslide, they waved the rules and let it fly.
    She rode up Pennsylvania Avenue and all around the block,
    Secret service said “there’s Pres Adams riding that giant cock.”
    When she gave speeches round the world she proved she was no wussy,
    Everyone listened and applauded (though most stared at her pussy).
    She got re-elected easily, her opponent had no chance,
    (who’d vote for some old guy with Eila not wearing pants?)
    Well everyone around the world, they certainly did agree,
    She was the best president America did ever see.
    I’m not sure how to end her poem, I don’t want to burn out in defeat,
    One more shout out for Eila: she has really hot, nice feet. 🙂

    (Hope you enjoyed my poem! 🙂 Adams 2016! Lol.

  13. Thierry says:

    Hi Eila,
    You are a wonderful woman!
    Writing from London on behalf of very longstanding naturist magazine, H&E, how do I get in touch with a proposal for a feature? We would love your wonderful naked self on the front cover.

  14. Andy says:

    Okay Eila, I just saw your Versus from August 21 and taking this episode on its own I think I’ll say you’re crazy. Just listen to that laugh. Okay, well I don’t actually believe that, but it’s the laugh prompting.

  15. Andy says:

    My wife and I have discussed and openly supported the laws that would ban guns, on which there is some fairly serious variety. Do we ban pistols? Tommy guns? M-16’s? AK-47’s? Sniper rifles? If guns are present, should it be illegal to conceal them?

    Most of these and many variations are a clear ban, if you ask me; and while I would have some serious issues firing them myself, I actually think I would enjoy them. It is that I am strongly left-handed, and guns mostly are made for right-handed people. Of course, if I am firing to have fun, it’s at a target and using a sniper rifle. So, it’s not that I don’t enjoy them, I just think the fun of firing one is far outweighed by good business sense that suggests it’s bad business to have one. There are some exceptions, I’ll admit.

    Tonight, I had just finished watching Monsters, Inc, when I heard a male voice down the street. He was yelling at someone that upset him. I perked up when immediately following one rant, I heard two ‘pop’s. I think it is possible, approximately three houses away, they could have been firecrackers; but my sense is it was a pistol, and that it was fired at something – or someone. This is bound to force a re-think.

  16. Andrew says:

    How much and how often are you naked?

  17. Andy says:

    As I lay down to sleep I was dealing with being uncomfortable with a fingernail that has begun chipping off in a place that would definitely cause me to bleed if I let it continue. I dreamed that I put a band-aid on it, and the band-aid did not stay put. In my dream I put another on to keep the first down; and the two together did not hold. Moreover, as they came off, they took that nail tip with them. Since now I am awake, I know it’s weird that I felt no pain from that, but it was not weird at the time. I accepted employment from a local chapter of that band-aid company, which hired me to test their equipment. Okay, it’s a dream and I do not know whether any band-aid company is local at all. However, as this was obviously concern enough to be in my dream, I put a band-aid on when I woke. Let’s hope it holds.

  18. Andy says:

    I noticed Jenny (in Sunday’s CITR) called you adorable. Please tell her from me, ‘Right back at ya’

  19. Andy says:

    I just watched Batteries Not Included. It’s a sweet movie that I’ve seen maybe one or two times before. It’s been some years, but I think this is the first movie I saw Elizabeth Peña in. I remember how much I liked her, and I began to look for Facebook or Twitter representation of her and I noticed on Facebook a remark that said she had died. I looked for confirmation on, and much to my dismay I see she died in 2014. Aww, such a beautiful woman.

  20. Andy says:

    Several years ago I used to watch Mork & Mindy on TV. I do prefer to watch television shows in sequence and, as a rule, not to miss one; but these episodes now are not too easy to find – unless I buy the DVD’s. Anyway, just now I got thinking about the one where Mork … umm, remember that Mork is a man from another planet … okay, back to the thing … Mork is just finished making a sandwich for Mindy as Mindy walks in. Mork picks up the sandwich and says ‘Never been touched by human hands’.
    … And remember the one where an investigative reporter is beginning to put together facts related to Mork’s alien nature. Mork, Mindy and Mindy’s father conclude that if he wants an alien, he must get what he wants. Mork puts on his uniform, tells the reporter the truth, and as he is concluding his demonstration of powers, Mindy and then Mindy’s father interrupt in disguises with stories as if they were from somewhere way out there.
    After the reporter takes the second and third presentation, he says he doesn’t believe any of them. Then he tells Mork that Mork was the worst he could imagine as a fake alien.
    It’s almost like watching the show as I sit here thinking about it. Oh, and I’m watching Roswell, which is dealing with the lives of alien-human hybrids who live something near to a mundane existence in Roswell, New Mexico.

  21. Andy says:

    I just wanted to tell you almost every day I measure the day of the week and time of day by when the next Naked News will be coming out.

  22. Andy says:

    Not very long ago I mentioned the mulberry tree that grows behind our house. I happened to be walking outside a couple of days ago, and I looked toward the mulberry tree but I noticed a taut spiderweb rising from the railing of our steps. Slightly up from that one string I saw the spider that made it. It had a general color of grey with white spots and a body that was essentially a sphere the size of a dime. I have never heard of a poisonous spider in this area, but this one looked serious. I only saw it that one time; possibly park maintenance or a resident cleared out the web; but these things are never just one alone.

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