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You may have noticed if you’re following me on Facebook and Twitter these two centaur-esque photos that I posted. I’ve gotten mixed reviews about these pics (including some nasty comments). Most people don’t know whether to be aroused or creeped out, hahaha. What I love most about the pics is the absurdity.ย It’s like Debbie has become Dallas! Imagine having four legs, how weird would that be?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, considering the shoot was my idea, I love the pics. Here’s one, you decide. I call it the Selfie-Centaur.

Shawn McPherson

Shawn McPherson

Given the choice between a sexy or a funny photoshoot, I would pick funny every time. Because funny to me IS sexy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The easiest way to get into my pants is to make me start sending me those jokes guys! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Moving on, what did you think of part 1 of my fitness competition Flex Appeal (check the January 31 archives in case you missed it). Getting weighed on camera was embarrassing. I’m not going to lie, the dieting and training sucks. I already want to give up and it’s still two more months away. So send me some words of encouragement, PLEASE! When all you’re eating is steamed broccoli and plain chicken, life can seem pretty bleak. ๐Ÿ˜›


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58 Responses to “Centaurific”
  1. Andrew says:

    That photo looks funny

  2. Andrew says:

    How did you go at Flex Appeal?

  3. Rodd says:

    Dear, broccoli are good, I love them so much !!!

  4. Gary says:

    Hi Eila

    Good luck with your fitness competition, think you will do well given your Flex Appeal background. Do you know who your competitors will be?

    The Centaur photos are ‘unusual’ in an interesting way, I was unsure at first, but am starting to appreciate the humour in them. I have just realised Centaur Eila would have 2 pussies! Can this be correct? Have you considered the possiblities???

    Thanks for letting us know that the ‘easiest way to get in my pants is to make me laugh’. I just love it when women are open sexually, no pun intended. Glad you didn’t say ‘young, good looking and rich!’ I am an older disabled man and think I have a great sense of humour, but I am quite shy and not very good at telling jokes, perferring to rely on observational and situational humour.

    May I be so bold and say that I would love to get into your pants. I know that you are well above my level, but if you are ever in London I would like to think there is a tiny chance!

    I just got round to checking out recent guest anchor Samantha (matress actress) thought she was very sexy on Naked News. I came across Dillion Harper scuh a cute matress actress, check her out and see if she could get a guest anchor spot.

    Best wishes


  5. Jim says:

    Eila if the centaur has two of your lovely vaginas then I’m all in favor of it! Actually – pretty much any concept that involves your naked bod is more than ok with me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Jim says:

    Eila your trainer is now officially the luckiest guy on planet Earth! You should put a heart rate monitor on both of you, strip naked for a workout, and watch his bpm’s skyrocket while he’s just standing there “monitoring” you! Actually I’m sure he’s very professional, but If I was your trainer I’d be needing frequent “breaks” … and you’d be wondering why I’m coming back more exhausted each time!! :0

  7. Billy Walker says:

    I love how you look now and I can’t imagine what your body is going to look like in 2 months. Stay positive and strong Eila we’re all pulling for you.

  8. Ted in Scottsdale says:

    Ella you give new meaning to the phrase “Get your head out of your ass!!”.

  9. Andrew says:

    With a body like that, you could have a litter

  10. Andy says:

    I’m playing Civilization: Beyond Earth. This begins with the very understandable premise that Earth has lost its ability to support much of humanity, and we begin this game with the establishment of civilization on an untamed world.

    Most versions of Civilization have only known civilizations, such as the Incas; France; Africa — and one or two more. However, in Beyond Earth, we do not use the names of those countries and civilizations with which we are familiar, but instead we have names I’d have to look up to get them right. Essentially, they are France, Asia, Africa, and so on, transplanted into a new location.

    The current situation has my own civilization, which at this moment I think is Asian, at war with two other civilizations who declared war on me. I do not particularly mind because the fighting has greatly strengthened my units. However, a couple turns past, I started looking for a new avenue from which to approach my enemies, so I needed to cross a bit of the globe. In doing so, I negotiated an open borders treaty for which I needed to give up some materials. I was not using them anyway, so I agreed.

    I was friends with all other civilizations, and I had been trading away some unused materials to two other civilizations, this time on promised future favors, which I am guessing I will not need to collect.

    My travels were blocked by impassible terrain, so I began to return to my own territory. In my return trip, I noticed two of my friends were at war with each other. One of these two is the one on whose territory I will momentarily depend for my return trip, and the other I have been trading to for future favors.

    I began to look into the possibility of finding a solution to their dispute, and to end their war. In Civilization, I do not like when my friends are fighting. No, this is not because I care about the people. If they are going to fight, I hope they will wait for me to be prepared against it, and to fight against me. This way, I can save face on the world stage – I was just defending myself; and I may also eliminate somebody who eventually will definitely turn on me in the future.

    If this had been myself actually leading a real country, I would be looking for any possible way all enemies may choose to drop their weapons and becomes friends anew; but no, in the case of Civilization – please everyone, wait your turn and fight only me!

  11. gabriel says:

    I wasn’t so far in my last comment. You are truly mythological!

    Can you send my one of your horsehoes to bring me luck?

    Real great idea. Congratulation for the photographer.

    And all my admiration to you. Nevertheless, may I say that I prefer when you are in your full human shape with your green shoes and nothing else.

    I know you will be strong and be at your best for your competition. And be at your best is to be THE best.

    I will try very hard to create great funny jokes to make you laugh. Hoping only that if I can ever get into your pants, you will be in too.

  12. Carlo says:

    Are these the side effects of the broccoli diet?? Think about it… buying more shoes, special trousers… oh well – it could maybe be the possibilitiy to stay naked: no clothes possible ๐Ÿ˜› .

  13. Andy says:

    My wife observed when petting Zoe, that she noticed some bumps on her belly and had to remind herself those bumps belong there!

    I had in mind to send you this note when I turned on the computer just now, and is blocked by my antivirus. It is Avast. I am not sure if others have a problem. I have heard that you must be doing something right if they start shooting at you. — Okay, that’s from The West Wing, and in that case it was actually shooting; but to me the thought does transfer.

  14. Andy says:

    I’m watching Blue Bloods on Netflix, this is my first time with this one. The first episode begins with lots of action. A police academy graduation is followed by news of a kidnapped diabetic girl. Evidence found narrows down who did the kidnapping and the insulin-dependent missing child is running out of time. The investigating detective is having a hard time with the man he knows to be guilty because he is not very forthcoming with answers, so he puts the man’s head into a toilet, several times. Answers gained through this torture did yield the child in question but now we look at excessive force during questioning, and the guilty may walk free.

    At this point the conclusion is not yet reached on that, but it seems to me some social conditions may arise that make it irrelevant if a judge does free a man who is obviously guilty of this sort of crime. I was thinking of Dexter, the series about a serial killer whose targets are serial killers; and about the game series Hitman. I can’t tell whether those situations would ever respond in real life to such a situation, but I do wonder if he will ever be free of the fear that somebody has him in his sights. A natural condition, it seems to me, that he has created for himself.

    • Andy says:

      Why didn’t somebody tell me Ashley Judd was on Blue Bloods? I sure would have started watching that before today for her!

  15. Andy says:

    I know itโ€™s something we all โ€“ well, most of us โ€“ recognize and came from a movie that has become a cult favorite; but I recommend that we amend the acronym MILF to become either WILF or GILF. Even LILF would be an improvement, although it would be less likely to apply, and is much less easy to pronounce, in case that is a factor.
    The problem, of course, is that MILF assumes the subject about whom we speak is a mother, โ€˜Mโ€™, which in season one of ER, we see a perfect illustration that the acronym falls apart too easily. I would see no difficulty with an amendment to GILF; but I do wonder if โ€˜Girlโ€™ in place of โ€˜Motherโ€™ would be poorly received by some. Of course, those who came up with such an acronym were surely taking into account the poor reception to be expected in some circles.
    The implication of youth one may think central to the word โ€˜girlโ€™ could be avoided if we use โ€˜womanโ€™ instead. I imagine there could be problems with using either one all the time; and we know those about whom we speak with such affection should not be put off from the start.
    At any rate, please allow at least the conclusion the acronym MILF is least likely among these to apply. Perhaps a solution could be forthcoming, like โ€“ oh I donโ€™t know โ€“ have a real conversation with someone who evokes such an acronym.

  16. Matt says:

    You said that life can seem pretty bleak with what you’re eating. I guess I get that, but…how on earth could life ever be bleak for you when you get to see such perfection when you look in the mirror? ๐Ÿ™‚ You don’t need to change a thing, Eila! But it is always good to be healthy. As for the centaur picture, the people who don’t like it are probably jealous women (jealous of your looks or that you got all four shoes to match), or guys who either don’t have a sense of humor or just realize your un-doctored pics don’t need any work. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway, I’m a NN subscriber, and you’re my favorite anchor! Keep up the great work. And if you ever have the dilemma of whether you should wear clothes or not, keep choosing not to as much as possible!

  17. Andy says:

    In case you missed it, one of the games I canโ€™t get enough of is XCOM, which Iโ€™m sure will (one day) include the version that came out today. Iโ€™m playing XCOM: Enemy Within. This version of XCOM suggests a cult of humans have united under the name EXALT and conspired voluntarily with those terrible alien invaders and begin to fight against XCOM. I have sent one of my own crew to infiltrate the EXALT ranks, whom now I must retrieve to gain the benefit of that infiltration. My crew lands and must defend the infiltrator attempting to transmit encrypted data and then exit. The enemy aims to kill my personnel, and to block my transmission.
    Usually, the enemy tends to be further away from the encryption area than I find this time; but the enemy does not seem to activate until they have noticed me. Sometimes I may be able to see them without being seen, but today that seems unlikely.
    Two of the enemies in this instance appear immediately next to one of the encryption sites, which creates an instant need to kill them or lose my data. However, since I did save the episode as my crew landed, I am planning next to try delaying the activation of these enemies until such time as my entire crew can bear down upon them.
    This plan reminds me of the Bublatter Beast of Traal. Okay, I had to look it up. Itโ€™s from Douglas Adamsโ€™ Hitchhikerโ€™s Guide to the Galaxy. In it, we see that the totally idiotic Bugblatter Beast thinks that if you cannot see it, then it cannot see you. Further, it is suggested that the ready traveler throw a trusty towel over his (her) own head to avoid being eaten by the ever-ravenous beast. Or in other words, it doesnโ€™t make too much sense, but it might just work.
    Eila, do please avoid meeting this beast, that would be a very bad day.

  18. Andy says:

    I do not follow any male pornstars, but for my purposes I am beginning to think this is a mistake.

    Peter North; Mandingo; James Deen; and Tommy Gunn come to mind. I don’t really know a whole lot of em because it’s not the guys that ever gather my interest. However, it seems to me they do tend to be matched up with (girls only, please) that I like.

  19. Hreather says:

    Hey babes.
    What were you wearing on Wheelz today?
    Looked dreadfully impractical and uncomfortable!
    Glad that I don’t have to wear stuff in my job! I can’t help but feel that Top Gear has gone with out Clarkson, May and Hammond. Their chemistry, and the way they bounced of each other, not to mention Clarkson’s impeccable script writing can’t be replaced by a BBC Radio 2 Disc Jockey and an American actor that I’m yet to find anyone whose head of!
    He may be a star in the US, but not here!

    • Eila Adams says:

      You didn’t like? I thought it was cute! obviously I would never wear it to swim, haha. and as much as I love Joey, he seems like an odd choice for guest host. ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

      • Hreather says:

        Clarkson, May and Hammond starting new car show on Amazon. Hooray, I wouldn’t wear anything to go swimming in, as I rather suspect neither would you! Two cheeky girls together you and me!
        Walk in beauty sweet girl. X

        • Hreather says:

          Clarkson, May and Hammond starting new car show on Amazon. Hooray, I wouldn’t wear anything to go swimming in, as I rather suspect neither would you! Two cheeky girls together you and me!
          Walk in beauty sweet girl. X

  20. Andy says:

    I thought again today about the show Saving Grace, about which I wrote a bit earlier. One thing that sets the basis for Saving Grace is having found in the first or second episode that a cow owned by Rhetta, Graceโ€™s best friend, has spots which might be taken to be the face of Jesus. Rhetta and Grace soon take to calling her โ€˜Holy Cowโ€™.

    This morning, while I was near to waking from sleep, I heard Karen shouting at the cat, wondering why she must keep biting through the cords that recharge her iPad. I asked Karen whether this is beginning to threaten Zoeโ€™s new home. No.

    I moved on to a new subject but apparently Karen was still on the old, as I told Karen I had been watching The Pink Panther yesterday. Our hero on this episode is much less than heroic as he lay passing the time on a hammock with a drink settled in the ground beneath him.

    An announcer pipes in suggesting the Panther might spend his time more effectively, and so after some prompting he gets up and looks for tools to begin making something. However, as the Panther approaches the area, the announcer keeps switching off the light. As this becomes a pattern and the announcer suggests the Panther should not take these difficulties too hard, that he should push on. However, the announcer keeps getting in the way of that production he seems to be encouraging.

    Finally, near the end of the episode, we see the Panther looking through a box and finding a blunderbuss. This is an early version of a shotgun. As the Panther loads and primes it, we see soon that the Panther has plans to fire against the announcer.

    As I completed relating this to Karen, Karen asked me, โ€˜So, you have designs on the cat now?โ€™

    โ€˜No, but the words Holy Cat come to mind.โ€™

  21. Jim says:

    Eila just watched your NN Wheelz segment with the sheer white one-piece swimsuit … your nipples & cameltoe were poking through & quite awesome … then you peeled off the suit … now I’m off to the store because I’m all out of tissues … see what messes you create! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. gabriel says:

    Great performance in your Wheelz segment. You are wonderful in this white satin lingerie. I hope to see it often! Even if the best moment is when you take it off.

    Another great moment is in the behind the scenes segment with Carla when Angie was Neked in the streets.

    I still wait for some nice pictures from Costa Rica.

  23. Andy says:

    I am sure I had to have posted something on this subject, but it’s been a while and I’m a bit fuzzy on this bit, so .. my estimation is this should be taken as fresh info, even though it may cover ground similar to something before.

    Some months ago I watched the last of Dexter and removed it from my Netflix list; but I liked it so much I have put it back on. I rented DVD’s of True Blood over some years and finished that seventh season a few months ago also, but last week I noticed True Blood is available in its entirety on my Comcast membership, along with Blindspot and Game of Thrones.

    For Dexter, True Blood and Game of Thrones, it seems clear much of the cast is alright with being nude on film; and I do think many of the cast on all three of these make that situation a serious plus. I noticed, however, with Jennifer Carpenter on Dexter, and with Rutina Wesley on True Blood, these actors who were clearly mainstays throughout a nude-friendly show, and who do seem to be alright with the idea (can’t really be sure), it would be worth hitting the rewind button a few times if we could get a nice solid nude shot of these two.

    I really do not think I’m likely to find nudity in Jennifer Carpenter’s new show, Limitless, but I’ll have to look for Hannibal and Queen Sugar for Rutina Wesley. If you pressed me for it, I’d admit that just to see them is sufficient for me to want to watch, only – okay I think it’s easier to let you figure on that.

  24. Andy says:

    Alright, it appears that on your page I think I begin sometimes to appear creepy, sorry about that. However, I also want to be witty and honest at the same time; and even do hope sometimes hope to find the funny.

    I spent a good bit of this morning watching a comedienne who is new to me. She is a ventriloquist, which mostly I think of Jeff Dunham for that. In thiis bit, called Talk to the Hand, Nina Conti introduces an audience to several puppets, I think it’s five. She is very innovative. Near the end, she is tasked to follow instructions given by the puppet. In doing so, she pours vodka into a glass and drinks it down, all while the puppet continues to talk.

    Following that one, she brings two audience members, one at a time. First a woman has her bit, and then a man. It seems to me she had yet to meet these two people, which made it much funnier. The man, initially, was very tame but it was a terrific ending!

    A very small spoiler: What is the difference between a toaster and a spoon?

  25. Andy says:

    I just returned, less than 5 minutes ago, from my friend’s house, this guy is one I often will depend on for computer repairs. One of my portable hard drives has been not recognized lately. It is from Western Digital. I called my friend earlier today and he said I should call Western Digital. I did, and two different WD techs were not able to help. I took the hard drive over to my friend’s house, and he said a piece has burned out and must be replaced for the hard drive to work.

    I have not yet priced the item, but I’m thinking I might find it on ebay, maybe like $20; but if it is going for $100, that makes it not worth getting, the hard drive was $100 some years ago. One complication is that if I lose all that is on it, it means losing almost a year’s worth of Naked News archived; and several movies, including 200 gigs of porn. I’m guessing, but it’s not far off. There are some sections of very valuable stuff I am loathe to lose, though; all the porn can be replaced.

    My friend said that replacing this burned-out piece might mean wiping the info anyway; but there’s a chance…we’ll see.

  26. Andy says:

    Yesterday I watched a movie that interested me for its description. It’s about an exploratory mission to map a cave that is formed by water erosion through an enormous body of rock. Completion of this map, I suppose, would help other explorers who come to this area. It begins calmly enough, but as you might expect in movies, this one begins to pick up when a cyclone hits the area above the cave.

    The people in the expedition are led, mostly, by one man. His terrific enthusiasm and force of will nudge his son into the expedition as well. However, the son is much less dedicated than anyone else to this effort.

    The movie is called Sanctum, but even now I have a tendency to errantly call it Cathedral. I suppose either would serve in the sense that the boy’s father thinks of cave exploration as his private sanctum, a cathedral in which he is at home in a way unmatched anywhere else on earth.

    As with The Abyss and The Descent, there is a bit of intrigue, and of course some natural disasters play into the movie. I wanted to offer some perspective on this movie drawn from Amistad, but since I would be essentially ruining Sanctum by doing that, I’ll refrain. Instead, I’ll offer something from Amistad, and hopefully one may keep that in mind when viewing Sanctum.

    In Amistad, our hero is taken to court. He was captured in Africa and enslaved by his captors. The ship, Amistad, was a slave transport vessel that ran aground when slaves revolted off the coast of North Carolina. I began to watch this movie some years ago partly because Amistad is Spanish for Friendship, something of a misnomer for a slaving vessel. I wonder if it is accurate to the real Amistad story when the hero steps into the arena which later would serve as his own courtroom. Toward the end of the film, somewhat armed by an understanding of his surroundings, looks to the busts of several men who had served as Presidents ’til that time. The man says his own culture carries the belief that their ancestors inform and indwell his current life, and that in a sense, the lives of those who had lived before, were all for naught if he is not permitted survival. They all lived for this day which they would never see.

    What he did not know, or at least did not make known in the movie, was that each man memorialized in sculpture in that room had offered a sizeable amount of words that survive today, which might inform their own perspective on the current situation. What did Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln think of slavery? Okay, I don’t know which Presidents were represented, I’d have to go back for it.

    Something to keep in mind for the ending of Sanctum.

  27. Andy says:

    A few years ago my father made a confession to me. I’ve not seen much of my father over these 48 years. Probably the same amount of times I’ve had alcohol. Ya that’s about right, not that the two are connected. Okay, about this confession. When I was very young, when Dad was still with us, he got really mad at me and I just kept crying, and Dad wanted me to quiet down; and he hit me harder than was his intent; and that got me to stop crying. It seems to me this situation that I do not remember explains why I don’t cry easily.

    I started watching Amazing Grace today; I’m on Season 2, Episode 6. These episodes are generally charged with emotions, so as we begin with a funeral for the brother of one of our main cops, and that cop’s ability to cope now under scrutiny, is a good background. What really gets me is the crime Grace and team are called to, when a husband and father goes nuts at home. He slashes his wife and sets his car on fire with his son inside; and he holds the son down and drugged during this inflagration.

    The son, severely burned over 70% of his body, wakes and asks for his dad; and doctors think that seeing his dad may very well keep him alive. If my wife were not sleeping next to me, I’d be crying.

  28. Andy says:

    I took notes during your off time. These next two submissions are not from today.

  29. Andy says:

    Yesterday I watched an episode of Legends, which stars Sean Bean. On this episode we see his character continuing the quest to fill in bits of memory which by thus far unknown method been taken from him. His character, Martin Odum, is an agent for the FBI, who seem intent on this part of the past remaining where it is, even including a dark cloud of mystery and foreboding on that discovery. However, Odum has found a man who seems to have some answers, and Odum is transporting this prisoner unwillingly back to his FBI resources. The prisoner seems to have been carrying a homing beacon which promises a horde of well-armed assailants vs Odumโ€™s one pistol with five bullets.

    Odum has a bit of time and has called upon his own FBI office for support against this assault, and as is to be expected the enemy arrives much too soon for his taste. With alacrity, our hero dispatches some, even maybe all, of that bunch just as his own police support arrives. At this point, we see Odum spending his last bullet, and I ask myself why he never picked up the automatic rifles these enemies had in abundance?

    In case you are confused on this point, I did not give away all the secrets of the episode.

  30. Andy says:

    Today is Wednesday, March 2. Itโ€™s been a couple days now since the issue passed, but I wonder for the next time — I hesitate to ask this in other forums, but please do not imagine this is from some sexual desire or fantasy, I am only interested in a good resolution.

    My wifeโ€™s cat went into heat for the first time last week. It was clear she was desperate for sex, and even if some male cat were around we would not want this done because she may get pregnant, something Karen and I would prefer to avoid. So…

    Since we have not (yet) had her spayed, and the next time is surely to come, I wonder … Is a vibrator a solution for a cat? Any solid veterinary answer?

  31. Andy says:

    I thought of you as an episode of Numb3rs ended. The Lieutenant says ‘Scotch always tastes better when somebody else is buying.’ Well, I suppose I’d have to try Scotch both ways to confirm. I think I’d take coffee instead.

  32. Andy says:

    I was wrong.

    I guess it’s good to start a conversation with women that way.

    I mistakenly assigned the name Ashely Judd to an actress on Blue Bloods; and even now I can’t tell the difference, but I can’t argue against the credits saying it’s Bridget Moynahan.

    It doesn’t really make sense to me to put women on a numerical scale, as if 1 to 10 makes some sense. Instead, I’ll just say that Bridget and Ashley have similar effect upon me.

  33. Andy says:

    I am going to have to stop eating while watching Whose Line!

  34. Andy says:

    I’ve been going through Game of Thrones lately. The boy is much too young to gain the throne of the king, but now that he has it seems the rule of the day is nepotism, inbreeding, brutality, distrust and murder. Quite the family show if not for the nudity and sex. If we do accept the suggestion the boy on the throne should have gained it, his brother would possibly be second in line; and in that family, I would say that second,Tywin (Peter Dinklage) is somewhat looked down upon, partly because he is a dwarf.

    I think Mr. Dinlage does have a great deal of talent, and among the Lannister family the dwarf may well have the greatest mix of conscience, military perspective, and insight. This, it might be said, is partly because this character tends to be a sort of a castle joke. The character, however, is more formidable than those prideful seem to realize.

    The king is a murderous and power-hungry inbred monster, and it makes sense he should murder his predecessor and put to the sword all opposition, and then marry for political gain. It was a slight surprise to see the daughter of his first murder victim at one point invited on the implied pain of death to become bride of the king, and then again as he cast that one aside for a new political conquest. The one now cast aside is given new order, which she dare not refuse, to wed that lesser brother.

    Tywin has returned from war with a woman at his side. She and he do seem to love each other, but now again on pain of death must ignore love for each other for the will of the king. Tywin loves this woman, who actually is a prostitute, but now he is tasked to keep safe a heavily victimized woman. Not much surprise when that old flame, which actually has not died, appears in his bedroom looking for a bit of attention. As he turns down advances, the girl asks him what he does want.

    It makes sense that no real answers are given at this point, because it appears whatever he wants is not particularly relevant. On this I speak with authority.

  35. Andy says:

    So, just now I’m watching you on Wheelz; and actually, I’m thinking about something not related to this particular bit. I recall an episode where a car actually disappears. It has cameras on all sides of itself, and it projects an appearance on all sides that is supposed to eliminate seeing the car at all. I just wonder, if the car is parked, and some other wants that parking space, this is an accident just waiting to happen; and nobody could ticket the one who hits that parked car.

  36. RMAU says:

    In another awesome Flex Appeal segment a topless Eila learns a few parkour skills before running the obstacle course.

  37. says:

    Cam Con is a convention for models and websites to network. Eila Adams is in South Beach to check out their second year and gets everyone topless.

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