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grey or gray?

step right up folks: get your FREE Naked News trial right HERE!!!! Once in a lifetime opportunity HERE!!!! 7 Day Free Trial, 7 Days of all naked, all the time!!!! FREE NAKED NEWS!!!! YAY!!!! for those of you who know what’s good for you and are already loyal members, here’s of cute pic of me! […]


giant eila

what do you guys think of me as a GIANT? Imagine me terrorizing your city, crushing your drive-in movie theatres! Be afraid, be very afraid 😉 Big thanks to photographer, Shawn McPherson and as always, to see even more of me, check out! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I just wanna fly


I know it’s still months away, but I can’t help it, I’m too excited! In February 2015, I will be away for a month because I will be going to Thailand and Indonesia (specifically Bali). It’s the longest trip I will have ever gone on, and the farthest away I will have ever traveled. I’m […]

bye bye birdie

Dark Birdie

In case you’re a badminton fan, here’s a pic of me playing badminton. I always play badminton in heels. 😉 Now that I think about it, I’ve never done a badminton Flex Appeal! There’s an idea. Because, has anyone ever seen competitive badminton playing? It’s INSANE, they go crazy smashing that shuttlecock! SHUTTLECOCK hahaha I’m […]



what a blast last weekend was! Carli, Whitney and I all made the trip down to Chicago for the Mr Skin 15 year anniversary party. We had such a great time, probably one of the best parties I’ve ever been to! Tons of food, The Wiener Circle, open bar, amazing band (Too White Crew, check […]

Beach Bum

you know what I love doing? Reading books on the beach, while working on my tan. Ironically, I am currently reading “The Beach” by Alex Garland. I am loving it. Unfortunately I have seen the movie, so I keep picturing Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard (the main guy). Usually in the case of book vs movie, […]


it’s Tuesday night, how’s everybody doing out there? Did you all watch today’s show? *SPOILER ALERT* here are some hints as to what you can expect to see on Naked News coming soon: lemony fresh and sky high. Feel free to guess, and I may or may not reveal more! 😉 here’s a sexy teaser […]

Jamaican me crazy!

hey naked news-ers! it’s me Eila Adams, finally! My blog was undergoing some maintenance but I’m here now! Okay, I knoooow what everyone wants to know about – our recent trip to Hedonism II, with! In case you live under a rock and you didn’t hear, Melissa, Vic, and I recently took a trip […]

Wine Time

although it’s only Monday, I’m already looking forward to the long weekend this weekend! I’m going to Niagara Falls for some wine tasting tours and gambling. Has anyone done any Niagara wine tours before? If so, any recommendations? I’ve never been to any Niagara region wineries! However I have been to a few wineries in […]

Sun Fun

hey everyone! I just got back from my trip yesterday and I’m feeling fresh and relaxed. I think I brought some sunshine home with me, because it’s way warmer in Toronto than when I left last week! Jamaica was amazing, I loved it! I loved the culture, and the food especially (jerk chicken)!! Everything tasted […]