Naked News


bush baby

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions about hair, specifically body hair. The great pubic debate! Personally, I despise body hair. I wish I was completely hairless from the eyebrows down. However, I do like a nice hairy chest on a man. 😉 So, for those of you bush lovers out there, enjoy this […]

Blue Jean Baby

blue hearts

Great news you guys! The Naked News/Miami TV collaboration IS happening! We are working on nailing down the dates now but the gorgeous Jenny Scordamaglia and I will be working together, finally. We will be doing a naked yoga segment, that’s for sure! Can’t wait. My weekend was spent doing my favorite hobby: shopping! I […]



hey gang, hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day long weekend. I’m back in the NN studios today after having a great time in northern Quebec for a few days. It’s gorgeous out there! Anyway, here’s what you guys can look forward to this week: -If you’re following me on Twitter (which you better be @eilaadams), you’ll […]


Trigger happy

Hola! I got back from my trip to Europe a week ago and I’m ready to share my adventures withm you guys. I absolutely fell in love with Europe. The culture, the delicious food, the shopping, the incredible architecture, the people! They even treat dogs differently there, they are allowed everywhere! I even saw some dogs […]


jean bikini

If you’re American (or Canadian in my case) after you leave the bathroom, what are you while you’re IN the bathroom? European! hahaha 😀 One week from today I head over to Europe, I can’t wait! Did you guys know that Barcelona has tons of nude beaches? uh oh. 😉 At least I know the […]

Biker Babe

Photographer: Jim Hagen
MUA: Lisa Torti

Check out this cool pic from an awesome shoot I did recently for Baker Drive Train. I LOVE motorcycles, particularly Harleys. I wish I could get my license but I’m too afraid. I got into a motorcycle accident years ago and broke both my wrists and one of my thumbs. I had two casts, it […]

Pineapple Princess

Eila on the lake

Hey loves, hope you all had a wonderful, sunny weekend like I did. I was waaaaay up north all weekend. It was gorgeous! I’m an outdoorsy girl so I love being in the wilderness. I did some canoeing, swimming and roasted way too many  marshmallows. But even when I’m enjoying myself and relaxing, I still […]

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain

cowgirl at heart

Euro trip update!!! I think I’ve made my final decision. From Lithuania I’ll now be heading to Barcelona and from there I’ll be going to Lanzarote. We’ll be staying at Spice Lanzarote for a few days, so if any of my European fans are around, come visit! It’s going to be a blast. It’s pretty […]

My humps


I have my second golf lesson tonight. My instructor was super impressed with me at my last one and he said I had the best swing in the class! Albeit was a class of four, but still! I’ve never golfed before, so apparently I’m a natural. Yay! As for my Euro trip, I’m thinking Malta […]



hello friends! I’ve decided that it’s time for me to learn how to play golf. It looks like such a fun, relaxing sport. What better way to spend the day than to get drunk in the middle of the afternoon and drive around in those cute little carts? Apparently drinking and driving is acceptable in […]