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hi is back in action! My site has been out of commission due to some viruses, etc. So annoying! Anyway, here I am. So, what’s new in Eila land? My bikini competition is 26 days away. Have you guys noticed my body change? I certainly have! I may be sore, tired and hungry all the time but I am loving my abs! I have everything ready and booked: my bikini, heels, hair, makeup and tan. Now I just have to keep practicing my posing and avoid candy for a couple more weeks and I’m set. 😉

I have to admit, I am a little nervous about the temptation at Hedonism (other than the obvious 😉 ). I’m talking about all of the delicious food and drinks!!! Whyyy noooow 🙁 hahaha.

Remember Carli and I will be there with Naked News from March 19-26 so if you want to party with us, book those tickets! 😀





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32 Responses to “Back in Action”
  1. Gabriel says:

    At last! I was anxious.

    I have seen at Naked News that you still eat Chantilly during your diet. It is not serious Miss Adams!

    But what a great moment with Carli. Very erotic.

    I have search Naked News on Nox TV. Because there so many Faked News on Fox TV (not so good as a joke but I try).

    • Eila Adams says:

      that was SUGAR FREE FAT FREE whipped cream gabriel! 😉

      • gabriel says:

        So you are forgiven.

        I wish one day I will have the chance to be at Carli’s place. She is a lucky girl!

        Your body is awesome! It is incredible that you can improve your beauty, you are so lovely. But it is evident that you made it.

        You will win! Be sure of this!

  2. Andy says:

    aww, sorry about the viruses, I have lost a lot to them bugs!

    Sexy as ever, Eila!

    I remember hearing something from Kat to the effect that she *was* vegan. Am I mistaken? I sure would like to have heard the discussion that must have gone on!

    I am really missing out, it’s been too long out of the loop here. Man, I gotta get some dollars together.

  3. Carlo says:

    Great to see your blog back! For your workout with getting muscles i want to use a german word: Hochachtung! I wish you luck for the contest.

  4. Andy says:

    I found some episodes of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, went to the earliest available and it was the one following this year’s Super Bowl. Special bonus: It was also reporting on the fiasco that was the GOP debate in New Hampshire. I don’t have to vote for the guy that gets the most laughs, do I?

    On the Super Bowl, there’s a bit on Beyonce’s performance. Beyonce had her troop dressing in tribute to the Black Panthers and using a clear reference to Malcolm X in their dance routine. I should mention that I have read the book and watched the movie, and I do believe Malcolm offers a solid perspective on racism in the US. I do not, and never have, tracked the Black Panthers, and I’m not looking it up because I’m counting on memory alone for this bit, that the Black Panthers were the militia set up by Malcolm X’s programs.
    Malcolm X confesses a transition away from racist perspective in himself in The Autobiography of Malcolm X; but as that confession concludes, he recognizes that a racist perspective remains strong in the US, and even goes so far as to say he wishes it were not so.
    Beginning from what may be a flawed assumption, I do ask myself at what point Malcolm and his followers built the Black Panthers. If they are all about a militaristic response to racist perspective by our populace; or if they are created to offer strength, discipline and unity with defense-only perspective, I believe on that point hinges whether their use serves.
    I would be writing too long on my own perspective, so I’ll (try to) keep that out.
    Trevor Noah has brought in a ‘Beyonce Correspondent.’
    ‘Race was brought in because Beyonce was brought in; and – brace yourself, you might want to sit down for this – Beyonce is black; and as a black person, you walk around every day reminded that you are black. We’re more likely to get paid less; we’re more likely to go to prison; and we’re more likely to win a dance competition.’
    When I had just met the mother of my wife, some months later, she had to thank me for being white. I did not, and I do not, understand this; but if I began to tell people I’m black, I would start getting questions like why I’m so pale.
    Malcolm X was important. I would have loved to meet him. Of course, my time machine is not working. Must get Kat working on that. His perspective, early in his life, was a shallow understanding of people based on their color of skin, and I fear this is where Beyonce stands. That is not to say she has no reason for this; but my guess is, she’s about half-way through Malcolm X’ autobiography, where he seemed ready to fight the power with a fist and not words. Read to the end, Beyonce.
    Then again, I’ll offer a clear and definitive recognition that I am out of the loop, and if that estimation is wrong we are in serious trouble.

  5. Andy says:

    A joke I heard today.

    What happens when a Texas fan takes Viagra?

    He gets taller.

    I didn’t say it was good. Credit to the show Saving Grace.

  6. David Charles says:

    You look spectacular! :>)

  7. Andy says:

    Today is the day to vote for who is going to be on the Presidential ballot, among other things. I went through the quiz on how my beliefs measure up with candidates, and for a while I was concerned that I’d have to vote for that pompous jack-ass. Yes, I mean Trump.
    A good amount of my perspective anymore is that in business or personal needs the source of those resources should not be only gained from sources that I like, so not liking someone does not mean I would not vote for him — if I am following the principle.

    I have heard that you don’t get to become President in this United States unless you are power hungry, and indeed just to arrive in the position at all necessitates some character flaws. I cannot tell whether that is so, but on the score of power hungry, I’d say that is so.

    However, regardless of any other flaws, there is a good amount of respect to be afforded to a person who would add his or her name to such a list. The most, and the least, worthy of the candidates who are up for candidacy do deserve some respect. However, I am still glad Trump did not score high on my quiz.

  8. Andy says:

    I learned today my wife’s mother has breast cancer. Your prayers are welcome.

  9. Andy says:

    If I drew a reasonably accurate territorial map … If I made this map again from pieces of wood and metal interwoven and moving … If I created a computer model of this result … we have what I think is the introduction to Game of Thrones.

  10. Tim says:

    I love you so much Elia

    PLEASE never leave naked news!!! I can’t get enough of seeing you and listening to you…. really you make the world a magical place

    Or if you do leave please start your own show xxx

    you are such an amazing woman x

  11. Andy says:

    I just finished an episode of Numbers – Numb3rs. Close to the beginning, the FBI arrests a terror suspect for sending confidential data to enemy terror interests. Sounds pretty bad. Except – the information itself is all about crop manipulation whose use is intended to resolve famine and drought in territories desperate for a resolution. The scientist, culpable or not, says his research could be used to save 10,000 lives. So, what was his crime?
    Agent Colby: Well, what happened was, two men were abducted at gunpoint. They’re missing. They were both members of the Pakistan International Fund, which is a local group suspected of being a cover for an extremist cell. Counter-terrorism seems to think these abductions may be some kind of prelude to a terrorist act.
    Dr. Eppes: Okay, what does a terrorist cell have to do with the arrest of a university professor?
    Colby: Your colleague was a member of the group and he’s one of about a dozen members that they brought in for questioning. To put it bluntly, Charlie, the DC office suspects your friend of being a terrorist.

    Further on…

    (come on, name the crime?)
    Dr. Eppes (to his brother the FBI agent): I know Phil Sanjrani’s a member of the PIF, but he’s not a terrorist. He’s a scientist.
    Agent Eppes: I understand your concern, but the guy emailed instructions for a bioweapon to Pakistan.
    Dr. Eppes: I didn’t know that.

    Later on it is clarified the information transmitted cannot be used to create a bioweapon. However …
    Sanjrani: My work is for agriculture, to develop disease-resistant crops.
    Unnamed agent: Your research is restricted. It is illegal to send to hostile foreign entities.
    Sanjrani: Restricted? Nobody informed me of that.
    Unnamed agent: The list of restricted information is classified.

    I’m no expert, but my guess is this situation could be torn from interrogation transcripts in the FBI. He’s a terrorist because an unknowable law is broken.

  12. Lawrence says:

    Hi Eila,
    Love watching you on Naked News. Aside from being quite gorgeous….you are a professional in your news presentation
    and performance. I look forward to watching you daily. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on the news 🙂

  13. Lawrence says:

    Whoops! I forgot to say get well soon and I hope you get rid of that virus 🙂

  14. Gabriel says:

    That’s wonderful! I thought I saw you at your best and I find that you can still do better and better.

    Your Wheelz show in a golden crossed dress is one of your sexiest moments.

    I can see how well your training works with the Flex appeal segment.

    Always a great pleasure to look at your videos

  15. Andy says:

    I watched Eli Stone in its entirety back when it first aired; but when just now I watched the pilot episode little of it seemed familiar. I do remember he was much less conscientious in the beginning than later on, and that he was a lawyer working for a heartless law firm. However, its unfamiliarity makes me treat this as if I had not seen it before.
    The story is about a lawyer with a history to which we refer but mostly do not see. He has served a judge and a notable service in his current firm, but the firm itself now is defending a pharmaceutical company whose product appears to have been a cause of autism in the child of one of that company’s clients.
    In the pilot episode we see that Mr. Stone (Johnny Lee Miller) is clearly hallucinating music, and sometimes visions, and those hallucinations take on a role in how he now acts as a lawyer. He begins to attend an acupuncturist for treatment of hallucinations and in that treatment he is reminded of his father’s flighty activities which make clear hallucinations are inherited.
    An MRI and a visit to the office of his brother who is a neurologist make clear the lawyer has an aneurism in his brain, and this situation can explain all of these hallucinations. However, it seems there is more than hallucinations to be explained. More to come.

  16. Andy says:

    You know I love my crime shows. I just started an episode of Numbers again. The professor, Dr. Eppes, has been disenfranchised from connection with the FBI due to acting according to his conscience. So now, in Season 5 Episode 3 he begins helping out LAPD, which (so far) allows the brothers to be working on the same thing.
    They begin chatting about their case and get side-tracked. Professor Eppes announces that LAPD is an incredible organization. I might have remembered the wrong word there, but then he goes on to say they creaated …the DARE program and the show Dragnet was about the LAPD; and Joe Friday’s badge number was retired, so no LAPD officer can wear that number.
    Professor Fleinhart says, ‘That’s the same number etched into all US-made quaalude tablets.’

    I did not make this up; but I suppose he could have.

  17. Andy says:

    I watch TV shows or movies on one computer while playing games on another. Tonight, since the time my wife arrived home, I’ve been watching Roswell. As you might expect, it’s about a group of aliens — that is, creatures from outer space — who are disguised as human and struggling to survive. Having an alien nature and origin, they do encounter their share of difficulties, which include other aliens who are decidedly evil in nature; but mostly we focus on the good guys.

    The game I have been playing tonight is X-Com, which was created by a now-defunct company named Microprose. It is now owned by Firaxis, which this month made a new version of this game available. In the one I have been playing tonight, I recently discovered some online resources that permit me to modify it, so I’m looking forward to seeing this first X-Com in a different way.

    So, I told my wife that I’m watching a show dealing with saving the aliens, and playing a game that aims to kill them.

    She said, ‘You trader!’

    I said, ‘Do you think I really could make money at that?’

    She said, ‘No, I didn’t say trader, I said traitor!”


  18. Andy says:

    I have been watching more of Game of Thrones and I see that some of the names, and family relations references I gave were incorrect; but to correct them would be tedious so I’ll just say watch it, maybe you’ll get them straight better than I.

    I told my wife now that Zoe, the cat, has her female parts active, she is no longer a kitten.

    Karen said, ‘She’ll always be a kitten.’

  19. Andrew says:

    Nice Photo Eila, you look even more sexy

  20. Chupacabra says:

    In another awesome Flex Appeal segment a topless Eila learns a few parkour skills before running the obstacle course.

  21. Partick says:

    I could suck you’re nips for an inch longer. Or maybe more????prasap.

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