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Call on me

here’s another sexy pic y’all! In case you were wondering, this was taken while I was making prank phone calls! “yes, hello there, I’m looking for a hugh, hugh gass…is a hugh gass available?” ps I hope everyone watched today’s show, including my super crazy, exhausting, calorie burnin’ FLEX APPEAL! xo

Pretty in Pink!

hi guys, guess what! I just booked my vacation for March! I am so excited, I’ll be going on a cruise to Jamaica and the Caymen Islands. This will be my second cruise (I went on one about 9 years ago and loved it) so I am definitely looking forward to this much needed vacation. […]

Go Team, Go!!!

So, I know it’s been a few days, but I hope everyone enjoyed their Superbowl Sunday! I know I certainly did (especially because I bet on the winning team $$$$). That’s right, when the Giants won, I also won!!! 20 big ones!!! I promise not to spend it all in one place ;). I hope […]

octopussy power!

I bet y’all have been having major Eila Adams withdrawals as I’ve just noticed this is my first post in 2012! :O oops! well, I have been busy girl (stay tuned for new flex appeals!!). BUT it’s really this time of year (jan, feb, mar) that makes me so incredibly lazy! hahaha, so bad, I […]

ho ho hos

heyooo! as most of you know, the holiday season is upon us and I am beginning to feel the cheer. I finished 75% of my christmas shopping today, yayerrr. I hope y’all are getting around to your shopping as well and not leaving it to the last minute, because that would be naughty, naughty! anyway, […]

whoa mama!

hi there! Check out this cute pic taken of me, using a film camera. I love it, so old school. Hope you guys like too! And hey, speaking of old school (well not really, she just turned 47 ;)), my mother is coming in this week for a schmooze with me, I’m so excited. Make […]

anchors away

hi hi hi! just popping in quickly to post some pics from rachelle’s playboy cover launch party. It was last friday, at a club here in toronto! rachelle, whitney, natasha, rachel, ariella and I all came out to celebrate! don’t we all look sexcellent!? naked news girls know how to partyyyy xoxoxoxoxo

working hard or hardly working

look at me go! maybe I’ll switch careers, I make one sexy construction worker! ps unedited pic!

remember me?

hello hello, here I am! I’m back, I promised on last monday’s show that I would make a new post and here it is! Summer is almost over and I’m sad. But I did get to enjoy labor day weekend in my favourite city, vegas! Check out the awesome pics of my girls and I […]


this summer has been a scorcher so far, and I am absolutely loving it! I just got home from a great day at the beach! I tanned, went for a swim in the lake, then had some sangria on a patio downtown Toronto, yummy. I went to Canada’s Wonderland yesterday, which for those of you […]