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Only three days left until Halloween you guys, yay! If you haven’t seen our teaser video yet, watch HERE! This year’s Halloween special is going to be a goodie, just you wait! 🙂 Anyway, because this is a scary time of year, I thought I would share what I am afraid of: needles! It’s a […]

Naughty by Nature

hey guys! Thank you all so much for missing me while I was suspended from Twitter for that short period of time. So annoying, but apparently the topless pic I had for my header photo was considered pornographic if you can believe it! So the photo was removed, but I am still able to post […]


Hello everyone out there in Eila Adams fan land, thanks for stopping by! That special time of year is approaching, my very favorite, Halloween! I love love love Halloween. I bought my costume over a month ago, and I can’t wait to wear it on the show. As usual, Naked News will be airing a […]

Freebie Frenzy

step right up folks: get your FREE Naked News trial right HERE!!!! Once in a lifetime opportunity HERE!!!! 7 Day Free Trial, 7 Days of all naked, all the time!!!! FREE NAKED NEWS!!!! YAY!!!! for those of you who know what’s good for you and are already loyal members, here’s of cute pic of me! […]