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Pretty in Pink!

hi guys, guess what! I just booked my vacation for March! I am so excited, I’ll be going on a cruise to Jamaica and the Caymen Islands. This will be my second cruise (I went on one about 9 years ago and loved it) so I am definitely looking forward to this much needed vacation. […]

Go Team, Go!!!

So, I know it’s been a few days, but I hope everyone enjoyed their Superbowl Sunday! I know I certainly did (especially because I bet on the winning team $$$$). That’s right, when the Giants won, I also won!!! 20 big ones!!! I promise not to spend it all in one place ;). I hope […]

octopussy power!

I bet y’all have been having major Eila Adams withdrawals as I’ve just noticed this is my first post in 2012! :O oops! well, I have been busy girl (stay tuned for new flex appeals!!). BUT it’s really this time of year (jan, feb, mar) that makes me so incredibly lazy! hahaha, so bad, I […]