Naked News

ooo la la!

check me out!! 😀 new pic taken last week by the awesome kris josef!!

black and yellow black and yellow

woooooweeee, did I ever have a crazy weekend! I am still exhausted. It all began Thursday evening. I went out for some awesome sushi (and many, many drinks) with one of my girlfriends. We ended up going to 3 other bars and dancing up a storm. Of course, I had to get up a little […]

just joking

Hi! Who watching Naked News heard what my New Year’s resolution is? In case you missed it, it is to tell better jokes! According to my friends, my jokes are lame, so help me out! Post some good ones for me pretty please and thank you!! 😀

I bruise like a peach

my first post in 2011, how exciting! I trust everyone’s holidays were as wonderful as mine! Santa was very good to me this year (probably because I was a good girl all year round, hehe, not!). New Year’s Eve was also a blast. However, I did slip in the buckets of champagne that popped at […]