Naked News

sleepy time delirium

WHAT is wrong with me? Is anyone else out there having insomnia issues? Holy moly! For the past month or so, I wake up every hour on the hour after I have gone to bed. I do go to bed at a reasonable hour. I need the TV on. But, I’ll wake up five times in […]

Let me know

hey there!! I don’t know if anyone watching naked news has noticed lately, but I am in week 4 of an 8 week fitness challenge!! I’ve certainly noticed that my tummy is tighter and my pants fit better. I see my personal trainer twice a week and he created a special diet for me and […]


here’s what I do between takes at Naked News! yummy!! 😀

I heart lap dances

so, who all saw the dallas cowboy lap dance? hilarious! what a great diversion tactic for a boring game! I don’t know about you, but I certainly enjoy a good ol’ fashioned lap dance 😀